The Sorceror's Apprentices: Kelkemmello dies during the third challenge

During the third challenge for "The Sorceror's Apprentices" quest, I gave Saturius the Scroll of Icarian Flight befor ethe duel started. As expected, Saturius launched Kelkemmello up into the air, but when he fell back down, the impact killed him, ending the challenge with no reward. I know he's supposed to survive so that Saturius can properly become the court wizard, but I'm unsure of how to save Kelkemmello without breaking the quest.

TR_Mainland wrong IDs

IDs should be checked again when all files for release are merged into TR_Mainland to verify if they're used in scripts before fixing them,

IDs with spaces at the end


Data IDs instead of TR IDs

Bal Oyra: 'Han Sadalvi' topic recommends you to take a silt strider connection that doesn't exist

In the first quest of the Imperial Cult questline, Allion Aberius directs you to visit the Soludanni Egg Mine. If you do that, you get a topic 'Han Sadalvel', which contains the following: "You've been sent to Soludanni Egg Mine? The simplest way to get there is to take the silt strider -- it's quick and cheap." From my limited understanding of the CS, this particular topic is filtered for Bal Oyra. The issue is that there is no silt strider in the vicinity of either Bal Oyra or the Soludanni Egg Mine.

TR_Factions: chores dialogue after moon and star

Dral's mouth gives chores dialogue as if he knows the player wants to be a hortator after the player recieves moon and star. It was done to reflect the fact that Dral gets disabled, but I propose at least changing the lines to say that Dral is simply absent instead, because the player is not necessarily doing the hortator quests.

Llotham potion stunted magicka effect + atronach birthsign

So I found this potion being sold in Old Ebonheart and since I'm playing with the Atronach birthsign I figured I could use this without the negative effect for obvious reasons.
Well apparently consuming this potion and waiting for the "stunted magicka" effect to wear off will result in an Atronach character without stunted magicka!
The effect is still listed but upon resting magicka will actually replenish.
It's probably a good idea to replace the effect in said potion (Llotham) with drain intelligence.

No bounty for harassing Felms Ithul velk

The velk have a script to detect the grievous crime of attacking/killing them. Unfortunately the container it uses get locked with a level (100) higher than the designated Open spell can open meaning no crime is ever detected. Solution: lower the lock level. Container is missing ownership, but failed lockpick attempts not being crimes was also an openmw engine bug


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