OpenMW collision: Telvanni Council House Chambers Door Problem

In port telvannis in the Telvanni Council House: Chambers (purple crystal room where the mouths are).  when i go in the door i get stuck in stairs/wall of the door. I  am playing an Argonian.

I fixed this in my game by disabling a piece of the "wood/vine" part of the staircase coming into the crystal room, i believe it was the inner most ring.

I got stuck every single time I went in the room.

Thank you for all the great work you do.


(TES3MP) OnPlayerJournal loop caused by script

Related to: Roryn's Bluff

On entering the cell "Bodrem, Hall" in a TES3MP server, the script "tr_m4_bd_wesencolm_s" attached to the NPC "tr_m4_wesencolm" is run, creating a OnPlayerJournal loop that runs a few times every second. This completely hangs the server if more than one client is connected and fills the players json file with duplicate journal entries. What is added to the players file is pasted below.

Issues with Tomaril Manor (Exterior)

Hey guys- first post so sorry if It's not ideal or anything.

I have been playing the game using TES3MP, which uses OpenMW. Also on my own self hosted server. The only Mod I am using is Tamriel Rebuilt.

I was jumping around using Jump 100 when I found Tomaril Manor. I was jumping pretty high and I went to land on one of the rooftops, when I found out that one of the roofs didn't have collision. I was able to go right through the rooftop consistantly on one of the buildings, landing on the ground which the manor rests on...


Astral Vapor cured removes half of Atronach birthsign

Reported on Something Awful.

Astral Vapors is an illness added by Tamriel Rebuilt (originally part of Oblivion) that adds Stunted Magicka as one of its effects. Curing Astal Vapors also "cures" the Stunted Magicka effect from the Atronach birthsign.

Aside from changing the effect of Astral Vapors, it should be checked if OpenMW has the same problem as the vanilla engine.


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