Lloras Nelvel dialogue typos

When talking about the "recent break-in", Nelvel says, "It seems that when they were moving one of the more heavier Dwemer apparatuses our criminal masterminds accidentally dropped it." The phrase "More heavier" should be fixed, and there should be a comma after apparatuses.

Also, he later says, "500 septims take it or leave it." Another comma should be after the "septims" here.

There are a few other similar mistakes (a comma too many or too few, double spaces where they shouldn't be, etc.).

some betacomment notes

12/18/2018 (21:59)    TR_Mainland.esm    1/1/2004 (00:13)    abot    TR_m3_Unesa Sadrathi00000000    Aanthirin Region (7,-20)    59618    -157112    831    "she thinks to be in Almas Thirr IIRC on local area topic"    
12/19/2018 (00:48)    TR_Mainland.esm    1/1/2004 (00:13)    abot    T_Imp_Furn_RugRoundBigXp_01    Old Ebonheart, The Mother Alessia    5608    3361    15488    "move it up"

orders topic

topic orders for NPC TR_m3_Foedius Locutius is apperaring when it should not even if TR_m3_FG_OE_Cursing quest is not yet started (I think it should be filtered also for TR_m3_FG_OE_Cursing >= 20)


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