Valia Vautere Dialogue Extra Space

Her greeting is:
"Welcome to the Moth and Tiger inn, citizen! I am Valia Vautere, publican of this establishment. We rent beds, and I have a variety of foods and wines for sale. If you're new to Old Ebonheart, I can also tell you where to look for other services, or a specific place nearby. If you're looking  for someone in particular, I may be able to help."
Specifically, the "looking  for" has a double space between it that stands out.

Ralani Danoran Dialogue Extraneous Word

The first time you ask her about Bildam Danoran, she says:
"Something's wrong with him, something magical. Whenever I go to the Imperial Cult, they just tell me to pray more and give them a tithe, and maybe they'll look into it. What bull! I know I may just look like a simple guard to Arquebald, but I know enough of [sic] about the gods and magic to know this wasn't any work of the divine. Someone's gone and tampered with my brother's mind."
The "of" should be removed.

Minerals of Morrowind Typos

Some typos that stand out in the book Minerals of Morrowind:

  • "Gold is both malleable, and ductile, and [sic] well as highly valuable"
  • "Other then [sic] funding, the practical uses of gold are few"
  • "making remarkably sturdy light amours [sic] and weapons"
  • "far more effective metal then [sic] some of the others"

Amelphia Tarramon has duties topic before becoming member

Amelphia Tarramon, the first quest giver at the Mages Guild in Old Ebonheart, has the duties topic before you become a member of the Mages Guild. She says:
"I think I might have something you can do. I've been experimenting with some alchemical ingredients that you can only find on the mainland of Morrowind, and I've run out of three of them. You could help replenish my stores."
This doesn't actually let you start the quest, but it's definitely a line that shouldn't be said without membership.


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