TR_m1_Silniel needs Sadas Plantation topic dialogue

Silniel the Maven sends the player to Sadas Plantation to steal Angon's Poisoneater Robe. Relevant topics, [jobs] and [Angon's Poisoneater Robe], for journal [TR_m1_TG_PoisoneaterRobe]. She lacks an entry for [Sadas Plantation] - so the player does not have the option of asking her where to actually go and how to get there. This should probably be remedied.

OE Mages Guild Quest: Restocking

Today I noticed that after completing both of Amelphia Tarranos quests the dialogue option "replentish my stores" from the first quest "Restocking" (TR_m3_MG_OE_restocking) is still a dialogue option that leads to an Journal entry.
In my case she gave negative feedback because I did not carry the ingredients she asked me to look for. 
There should be no Journal entry and she should note that I have already completed the quest.

TR_m3_IL_Work woes following update

For some reason, the control variables on the NPCs involved in this quest reset to 0 after updating to the latest version of TR_Mainland - maybe I did the update wrong, but a player on Discord had the exact same problem, so I'm thinking we need a fix. Currently, for those affected, the result is a forcegreet loop that the player can't get out of without console magic, if they finished the quest before the update and re-enter the Legion: Headquarters cell.
I suggest the following changes to some scripts, red italics are my additions.

For TR_m3_IL_OlfvurSc:

The Sorcerer's Apprentices OE quest: table with robes disappear after reloading save

after first part of court wizard ceremony where they finished enchanting the robes, i made a quicksave standing on top of the table which has the 2 robes on it. i went through the rest of the ceremony then close the game without saving.

restart the game, reload the save to see the table have vanished along with the 2 robes and never reappear. having previously seen the rest of the ceremony where i could take the 2 robes from the table at the end of it, its a bug and shouldn't happen (at least not when the ceremony is still ongoing)

T_Mw_TerrRockVM_MtPeakSnow_01 missing snow (among others)

T_Mw_TerrRockVM_MtPeakSnow_01, 02 and 03
T_Mw_TerrRockVM_MtRidgeSnow_01, 02 and 03

are referring to correcly named statics in Tamriel Data, with added "s" or "sn" to differentiate them from the non snow versions. But they appear similar in the CS, without snow. 
Other VM assets seem to have snow on them as intended. Since it's for the later releases I consider this a minor bug.

Old Ebonheart - Legion Quest - Give orders

After completing the mission "Giving Orders" given by Olfvur - by the way I loved the mission, simple but creative, well done - the topic give orders stays in the right dialogue window as usual. When I again ask Olfvur about it he responses with giving me the decision to start the mission again. If I chose to take his post again I get stuck and have to reload, because nothing happens.
The topic "give orders" could give the player some feedback about the decisions he made durring the mission when asked again, just my idea.

Ground issue - Old Ebonheart

Old Ebonheart (7, -19)
The ground in the back-alley nook with the ladder behind and between Wayrian's Mystical Emporium and Rifskald Whalebane's House needs to be raised, currently it fails to reach Wayrian's and the ladder, leaving a sizeable gap through which you can see the street on the other side. It's the place directly south of the overhead bridge connecting the main building of the Empress Katariah to its tower.

Script error in OE Sewers: Waste Pit

Syntax error in TR_m3-591_pitcrank_script.

Caused by a ->-> on lines 34:    Set Pos to ( ( "TR_i3-591_act-imp_pitgate"->->GetPos Y ) + 13.5 * GetSecondsPassed )
and in line 47:     Set Pos to ( ( "TR_i3-591_act-imp_pitgate"->->GetPos Y ) - 13.5 * GetSecondsPassed )

Changing ->-> on lines 34 and 47 to -> fixed this for me, locally.

Tagged as Major since current implementation throws an error and asks the player if they want to close the game.


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