Old Ebonheart - Imp Legion - Quest Merchant Dispute

I encountered this issue both in my big modlist and then tested it in a new game with only TR installed, so I can be sure it's not an issue at my end.

Doing the first Imperial Legion quest in Old Ebonheart (Merchant DIspute) I was sent to the Barristers Guild to find about the rights given Vols Valdri (one of the merchants).

TR_m3-278_sc_placeholder is its actual name.

Title. TR_m3-278_sc_placeholder in the Imperial Archaeological Society headquarters in Old Ebonheart uses its ID as its actual name, and has no contents. Supposedly we should update this one to match the vanilla "Guide to X" scrolls that accompany it.

Edit: actually, this int contains multiple items that are still placeholders and use their placeholder ID as name.

Yggulf the Mute "bad people" dialog

Yggulf the Mute has dialog for the "bad people" topic used in http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Morrowind:Larrius_Varro_Tells_a_Little_Story
Suggested fix: add an entry just for him with his usual mute response.

Looking at the dialog editor, there are several more topics that might need this fix, though they seem less likely to occur:
anonymous writer
Big Helende
Gentleman Jim Stacey

Silt Strider operator in Almas Thirr has Barter instead of Travel dialogue

As the title suggests, the silt strider operator NPC Ivrea Llothro in Almas Thirr does not have a option to travel but instead has a empty barter window with no items and 250 gold. Tested with the latest version 18.07 on a new character with no other mods and a clean Morrowind install.

A Nord or a Bosmer?

Ardur Salvendu in Port Telvannis sends player to reclaim a slave he sold to wrong person. He tells player "it was a female of one of the races of men". The slave is Elisa, a Bosmer located in Ero Endravel's House. Her owner identifies her race as Nord. It is strange that Salvendu and Endravel cannot distinguish mer from human. I suggest changing Elisa's race to Nord.

A Mission Failed - Elmonder

Quest: A Mission Failed
Quest Giver: Allion Aberus (Bal Oyra)
Faction: Imperial Cult
Wiki: http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Tes3Mod:Tamriel_Rebuilt/A_Mission_Failed

The quest concerns healing an NPC named Elmonder with a potion provided by Allion Aberus. Upon entering the Dancing Jug in Ranyon-ruhn, Elmonder immediately says he has been healed without the player needing to talk to him.


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