Missing Ownerships

Doing a Playthrough of the game, and noticed there is no ownership for items in the following Interior cells

Gorne, Rendays Manor
Bisandryon, also has several interior cells that is missing ownership such as the Antechamber, War temple, and Private study. It seems only the Garden has objects with ownership

Unrelated to above. The Heather Plant in Gorne, Bariel Florist isn't in the pot plant, it's floating beside it. Unsure if that's an issue with my modded set up, using Herbalism, and other graphic/mesh replacer mods, but only thing that stood out.

Self-Z-Fighting Desk

Screenshots say it all. The model has two issues, the trim not connecting to the rest of the desk, and the two instances of z-fighting on the front of it. This could possibly have more issues, so whoever's fixing this should try and find any.

'A Deadly Treasure' quest won't end properly and reward can be claimed multiple times

  1. Enter the palace dwemer treasure room through the sewers and take the lightning crystal
  2. Talk to Lloras Nelvel upstairs and ask him about the recent break-in. He will ask you to get the lightning crystal.
  3. Talk to him about the Lightning Crystal. If you select the option to give him the crystal he will thank you and give you the reward but the crystal will not be removed from your inventory.

Some minor OE embassy grammar stuff

- The second sentence of Elteryn of Firsthold's Moridunon description is awkwardly phrased and should be rewritten to something like:
"It is home to the city of Firsthold, the first city that Aldmeri High Lord Torinaan built through magic and sweat, and Skywatch, the intimidating kingdom whose battles with the Valenwood Isles are as legendary as they are shameful."

The word "intimidating" is also a little odd in this context and could maybe be replaced by "forboding"  or similar.


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