Quest faction reputation tweaks

In Old Ebonheart quests the Thieves Guild and Fighters Guild are at opposite extremes for faction reputation: the TG questline is much longer than all others but it rewards less faction reputation, I think the positive amounts should be increased in some of its quests. TR_m3_TG_Moranie3 could give +10 instead of 5

The OE MG quest Don't Touch My Gems! is a misc quest and not a faction quest, but it should remove MG reputation if the player gets the questgiver killed (only if the player is a member until this has been implemented).


I don't know what this is supposed to be so I don't know what the issue is, just that there has to be issues. It has a "dwemer" cover (did TR have old books with these covers that were removed?) but it's not a dwemer book, the text is weird, the file name says it's supposed to be unique but it's not (there's a new one in the OE MG quest) and for some reason it's in Hlaalu and Dres lists.

old forum review page "we'll have to replace the text by something Dwemer, and use the rewritten text in a different book"


The orange spore cloud is only used in a few places but it's like a thick short column and not good looking. Perhaps more tinkering with the particle controller or a texture with stronger fade would improve it.

Also it would probably help to disable it with LOD at large distances or with mipmap tricks.

tamriel rebuilt warning Matching IDs: T_Com_Farm_Sledgehammer_01 Tamriel_Data.esm: type Misc Item Tamriel_Data.esm: type Weapon

Having issues installing on steam version of Morrowind GOTY. I did have an iso copy ( from an original cd, which is really badly scratched ) and it worked fine but when i tried to update new Tamriel_Data on that it broke the install so i had to get rid and delete that .

Weapon ghost animation issues T_Mw_Und_AncestorWep

Also the creature object is missing a soundgen record.

T_Mw_Und_AncestorWep_01 use the edited file here if it's not already in data
has animation issues:

The stab animation doesn't work with the way it holds the weapon. The slash animation could be copied (or just add to its keys) as a placeholder fix if the creature needs to become usable
Weapon floats in the air when it dies, the hand or weapon bone needs edited anim for this

Stronghold ruin with unnatural vertex colours on Gorne

Content file: TR_Mainland.esm
RefNum: 37479
RefID: ex_strongruin_smdwell00
Cell: Nedothril Region
Grid: 40 -28
Coordinates: 334752 -224519 1875.86
Model: meshes\x\ex_strongruin_smdwell00.nif

The wooden X frame on the roof of this ruined hut has unnatural green/purple/blue vertex colours.

Vivec Guild Guide Ohmonir - MG members only?

Guild guide Ohmonir at the Mages Guild in Vivec seems to be for Mage Guild members only - is that intentional?

He is part of the travel network going from Vaardenfell to the mainland. All of the other guides I have seen that go to the mainland do not require guild membership. I realized this when I used the guide in Old Ebonheart to travel to Vivec and then was unable to return via Ohmonir, because I was not a Mage Guild member. So, other than becoming a member, my only option to return to OE was to travel to Ebonheart and get a boat, which was a bit of a hassle.


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