The "Water Spear" Item Should Be On Cast

There is an item in a cave in the Armun Ashlands (lost the name, sorry), called the Water Spear, that has the effect of Water Breathing for 100 points - Casts when Strikes. This feels strange as you would have to hit a creature in order to utilize the out of combat utility of this item. 

Also, that same cave was filled with skeleton enemies, various hanging skeletons, and scattered bones, including a necromancy-style book or two, but no necromancer or explination was found.

Missing Merchant Missing Dialouge Prompt

During the Missing Merchant quest for the Andothren Hlaalu questline, I was directed to the Dancing Cup, and from there to Jada the redguard publican, though she did not have a prompt for 'Gavros Falas’. I ultimately discovered Gavros' nephew on the bottom floor, but perhaps the player should either be directed directly to him or Jada should recieve the correct dialouge prompt.

Some landscape issues

furn_com_fence_01    Roth Roryn (-14,-20)    -107529    -160398    2084    "abrupt change between ltex t_mw_terrroadrr_01 and other road tex here"    

T_Mw_TerrRockRR_Rock_14    Roth Roryn (-2,-21)    -13549    -168153    994    "ugly barren terrain here"    

T_Mw_TerrRockRR_CliffM_04    Roth Roryn (-2,-21)    -14768    -171678    1181    "weirdly ugly landscape here"    
T_Mw_Flora_ShroomTableG_03    Aanthirin Region (5,-18)    41514    -140171    618    "abrupt land texture corner here"    

Assorted betacomments crap

Not sure if these all still exist. May well have been reported elsewhere too. But alas, all I can do now is post them here; no time until Thanksgiving for anything really, barely getting half my dayjob done. Hope this all is still of some use.

Dialogue "meet with Tholer Andas" typo: "Are you trying to bribe me, outlander? I do not appreacite it. You're not getting anywhere near the councilor."

Bug with quest in Helnim

I wasn't able to catch the name of the quest before it was completed. In Helnim just outside one of the gates near the Silt Strider there is a dunmer named Garo Varsel. He asks you to find his "friend" Temis Lorthus, and he asks you not to speak to him. If you do not speak to him after you find him and immediately report back to Garo, the journal will have quite a few inconsistencies. If you do this the journal will state "Despite Temis asking me not to, I told Garo that he was staying at the Red Drake Inn here in Helnim.


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