T_D heads disappear on vampirism cure

Using a Tamriel_Data head on your player character and adding the "vampire sun damage" spell correctly replaces the head with the generic vampire head. Removing "vampire sun damage" then does not put the original head back, but removes the head body part entirely.

I've only tested this by consoling player->addspell "vampire sun damage" and player->removespell "vampire sun damage" but since the vampirism cure script does essentially that, it's fairly safe to assume using a T_D face, becoming a vampire and then curing yourself via the quest will take your face off.

Faction Join Books should be edited to account for the Mainland.

Books like "Grasping Fortune" or "The Affairs of Wizards "which are about joining house or guilds, include lines specifically refering to Vvardenfell. This doesn't work on the Mainland and we have no Mainland versions of them. According to Minerman, TR_Factions edits vanilla books to include Mainland topics. This could be done here too. Otherwise one could make a new T_D version of  them. 

Books in question:


TR_m3-771_w_arbalest is, seemingly, supposed to be a very powerful crossbow hidden in the OE curtain wall towers. However, beyond being just a tad *too* strong (being indisputably the strongest crossbow in the game right now), it's also ended up in the vendor chest of Old Ebonheart, The Perfect Quarrel. As it essentially outclasses the normal Daedric Long Bow, I suggest we

  1. remove it from the Perfect Quarrel
  2. tone it down a little bit.

Improper object use:TR_ex_5-19_pier

Found this in preview: TR_ex_5-19_pier is a static version of the Ravenrock pier, this should either be a dedicated asset (like the broader discussions of a static version of the ravenrock set) or should be replaced with a more standard asset

Two instances in cormar, one near cormar and a fourth is found in the Uld Vraech where it isnt even being used in an imperial settlment rather a Redoran outpost.

Unmarried cliff

On road between Dun Akafell and Akamora, the road running west to east over the hill seems to have a cliff intersect it in such a way that it's invisible to the player until they collide with it's edge. Doesn't marry up quite with the road.

My coords -->

> player->getpos x
> player->getpos y
> player->getpos z


i have a normal GOTY CD Version of Morrowind installed, i wanted to try the tamriel rebuilt mod, but when i launch the game, it give me this following error
"Matching IDs: T_Com_Farm_Sledgehammer_01
Tamriel_Data.esm: type Misc Item
Tamriel_Data.esm: type Weapon"

what can i do to repair it ? i have not understand the other topic that talk about the same issue.


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