Broken dialogue topic "revenge"

In the quest "Intrigue in Port Telvannis", Inera Ilneram has a broken dialogue topic. When I click on "revenge" in conversation with her--at all stages of the quest--she says "This pains me to ask you, Sorian, but I am used to the pain. I need your help. I can go no further in my condition, and I am no warrior. but these enslavers I have tracked down must die. Will you help me?" 

"TR_hla_sharpshooter" needs a melee weapon and a torch

Generic guard NPC "TR_hla_sharpshooter" needs a melee weapon. The guard already has a bow and 20 arrows and comes with a neat script to switch between ranged and melee (short blade) attacks. However, the guard doesn't have a melee weapon. After the arrows run out, the guard resorts to fisticuffs.

Suggestion: add a Steel Shortsword into "TR_hla_sharpshooter"'s inventory.

Edit: just realized they dont have torches either. Also add those.

Issue with ceiling brightness in Kemel Ze - Chuntench

Hi, I noticed a strange bug in the Kemel-ze - chuntench cell. When I first enter the cell and I am standing on the bridge near the entrance, if I look at the cave ceiling, its brightness seems to change quite dramatically, depending on the view angle. I am using OpenMW, so I don't know if it happens with the original engine. The issue is aesthetic and doesn't affect gameplay, but I found it noticeable.

"What happened in Emmurbalpitu": Quest stuck

I was doing the quest "What happened in Emmurbalpitu", and had set a mark in the shrine in front of Aizuhr-Suur so I didn't have to walk all the way back. When I recalled, the ghosts were already all lined up and Llorissa Faali was in the shrine. When I talk to her, she tells me "I'll see you in Emmurbalpitu. You have my word that I will be there." but just stands still. When I talk to Aizuhr-Suur, she says "Let's see what this foolish mortal has to say." Did I brek the quest by recalling in?

Broken scripts in Mainland

Found by running openmw with the --script-all flag.

TR_m2_kmlz_ChefB_WaterSquare_sc contains an extraneous bracket on line 19.
TR_m2_q_29_OlmuTravel references T_De_Set_BannerSaintAralor_01_refu which doesn't exist.
TR_m3_OE_TG_MaskGuard_SCP references T_ScNpc_Mw_Map3_OE_WryEyeMoranie which doesn't exist.
TR_m3_OE_VaultApparatusSCP tries to explodespell on line 60, explodespell doesn't take more arguments than the spell id.

Jo'Agghu, topic "long-forgotten history"

Concerns: the quest "Revealing the History of Fort Ancylis", the Khajiit Jo'Agghu (the quest giver).

When you accept the quest, and ask him again about the long-forgotten history, he already mentions that he doesn't know anything about the axe. This is before recovering the axe from the depths of the ocean, and shouldn't happen until after recovering it.

Item TR_m1_w_Reaper not in Dadrunibi

The Item Kana-Revis (TR_m1_w_Reaper) (Chimeri Sickle) is not in Dadrunibi. The wiki states it should be and even provides a map, however all that is there is a pile of gold and some gems. This is not game breaking, but it is meant to be used as in the temple quest Seht's Ward (TR_m1_TT_5) as a trade for the amulet. 


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