Akamora FG - No Sin Goes Unpunished - Unable to continue FG questline

After completing the quest by killing Olmu Llendu outside of Necrom (did not test other outcomes), Laalalvo Irano will not provide the player any new quests. Each time a topic "orders" is selected, Irano will tell the player the same line as at the beginning of the "No Sin Goes Unpunished", that is to kill Olmu Llendu again.

Bugs from TR_Preview that need to be checked in section files

Icon 'TR\m\TR_ic_Key_DD20.dds' does not exist

Extra argument (,) @ line 14, column 35
Extra argument (1.0) @ line 14, column 39

Extra argument (,) @ line 14, column 27
Extra argument (1.0) @ line 14, column 31
Stray explicit reference (PlaySound) @ line 27, column 41
Stray explicit reference (PlaySound) @ line 44, column 40

Extra argument (1.0) @ line 58, column 28

TR_m3_Galug the Barber loses his script when not loaded before, causes CTD

During TR_m3_OE_GhoulBusiness, if the player finds the corpse of TR_m3_Tindalos Miranus, TR_m3_Galug the Barber is moved behind the player, with the intention of triggering a ForceGreeting when the player approaches him. This works, if the player has visited Ebon Tower, Mara's Tower where Galug is normally located.

Port Telvannis riverstrider dock door does not open when activated

Port Telvannis riverstrider port has a main entry door that does not open/animate when activated, and does not show flavor text indicating whether this is intentional. I'm not sure if it's a Tamriel_Data thing or a Mainland thing since it seems to be a script issue.

Report time: 2021.01.26 16:05:37 UTC
Content file: TR_Mainland.esm
RefNum: 284643
RefID: ex_t_door_stone_large
Memory address: 00000241AA96AC90
Cell: Port Telvannis
Grid: 41 16
Coordinates: 342539 134173 383.521
Model: meshes\d\Ex_T_door_stone_large.nif

Physics draw thread spike to ~300 in Port Telvannis near Mounted Dres Guard (4k@60fps -> 2fps)

Confirmed by Atrayonis to be an OpenMW physics conflict with slaves colliding on slave market cage geometry, should be fixed in OpenMW nightly. (March 27, 2021)
Hemaris and Minerman60101 note that the lag spike may also be caused by the slave market itself, as disabling the holding doors, cell doors, and ex_t_root_04 reduced lag significantly due to collision calculations.

Screenshots are in TR discord(same username):

Ebon Tower Treasure Chamber Security

The Imperial Legion quest Properly Purloined sends the player to guard the sewer entrance to the Ebon Tower's Treasure Chamber. It is a low level quest where you end up killing a couple of rats and dealing with a thief. However, the key the player is given to access the sewers allows them to easily access the treasure chamber and grab some very nice loot, such as the Cuirass of Cassynder Septim, with little effort and no consequence.

Molecrab corpse plays death sound/animation on first visit to Aalmu Ouradas' Shack

The molecrab under the table in cell Aalmu Ouradas' Shack plays its death animation the first time you enter the cell. Its refID ends in "molecrab_dead" so I assume it was supposed to be dead already before you got there.

I should specify that I saw this in OpenMW 0.46.0, in case this bug is due to an engine limitation. But I played through the Bloodmoon MQ (with TOTSP installed) on this same build and didn't hear any dying horker sound effects during that part of the questline, so I bet there is a way to fix this.


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