American English fix in Dondril Dialogue - Latest Rumors

Latest rumors in Dondril generates this line:

The Under Nest Inn was attacked by Daedra the other night! I heard that a conjuror was resting there trying to pass himself off as a pilgrim. That such things could occur in this enlightened age...

"conjurer" is the American spelling for that noun.

Telvanni Council House Entrance Entirely Black

The interior of the Telvanni Council Hall entrance in Port Telvannis is entirely black, and cannot be lit by any means (I tried holding a light source and casting light spells, and none of these let me see what was inside of the hall). The only way I was able to navigate the area (and poorly, at that) was via the minimap, however this bug made it impossible to go into the chambers cell that I have read about, or the vaults. I don't know what is wrong, but I want to know how to fix this so that I can do more quests for House Telvanni

Things to fix in armun

Forgot who sent me these issues, but I am posting here so I don't lose them

RefID: flora_ash_grass_w_01
Grid: -6 -26
Coordinates: -44349.3 -209500 104.552
Notes: floating (x6)

RefID: terrain_ashland_rock_01
Grid: -6 -26
Coordinates: -44619.6 -208565 352.545
Notes: caspering

RefID: flora_ashtree_06
Grid: -6 -26
Coordinates: -46775.3 -207889 684.432
Notes: floating

TR_m3_TT_RIP illogical dialog topic flow

To progress the TR_m3_TT_RIP quest after delivering ashes to Necrom, a player needs to talk to TR_m3_Garvs Ovav about the topic sacred task to progress the quest. This is misleading and unintuitive, as the ashes are Fedura's, and that is the topic that the player uses up until that point to interface with Garvs regarding the quest. sacred task comes out of nowhere for this particular NPC.


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