TR not able to load some meshes and textures.

I am currently having Issues with Tamriel Rebuilt. I installed through Nexus, and tried using TR yesterday. Once I had set up the bsa's in my .ini files (which I have two of a baked and base file). I loaded up the game recived a TR_Previews warning. Continued pass that and started a new game. As soon as I am pass the intro cinematic I immediately get Model and texture errors. I continued up until character create screen and while scrolling through dark elf faces one face was bugged and caused it to be overlayed as I continued scrolling through. At that point I exited the game.

Final journal text for Face Stealer Quest is slightly wrong.

The reward for the Face Stealer quest in the Speaker for the Dead questline (Almas Thirr/Necrom Temple) is the Heart of the Speaker, a cuirass. However, the journal text reads: "Uvo Brin gave me a set of gauntlets and sent me back to Vaden Baro in Almas Thirr."

"set of gauntlets" should be changed to "cuirass"


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