Reward to "The Exiled Duke's Affair" a bit on the high side

When completing the quest "The Exiled Duke's Affair", the player is rewarded with a really powerful amulet. Given that this quest can easily be finished already at low level (unless there are any level modifiers, I haven't checked) and you will keep this for the rest of the game, I think this reward is a bit too powerful (it can easily be compared with some of the famed artifacts). For a more balanced experience, I suggest reducing the effect to Fortify Personality 10 pts, which is already very good for a constant effect item, and would certainly be useful for most players.

Missing line breaks in Brown Book of 3E 426

Actually a bug in TR_Factions. For several of the lines added by TR, a line break is missing at the end of the line, causing the paragraphs not to separate properly and making the book harder to read. I also find it inconsistent that the district is listed for the Vvardenfell councilors, but not for the mainland ones (this should be Telvannis District, right?).

Foedus continues swearing after the Cursing Like a Witch quest

”What are you ogling at, you arse-faced goat? Your unsightly mug must be the reason why there aren't any mirrors left in this damn elf-infested sinkhole of a province!”

The greeting misses a filter apparently. It triggers when I did the following:

1. Brought Aurelia to Dondril.
2. Talked to Foedus for my reward.
3. Went upstairs for my (double) promotion and am told there are no duties, but Foedus might have more duties for me.
4. Talked to Foedus and he says this line.

Glitched urn in quest "A Ruined Legacy"

In the quest "A Ruined Legacy", you are meant to venture into Darano Ancestral Tomb to acquire a sword, but the urn in which it is placed appears to have a normal urn stacked on top of it, which will open instead if you select the top half of the urn. I did not realize this, so I was stuck searching the tomb for the sword for quite a while until I discovered that I needed to open this urn from the bottom.


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