Find Mashug gro-Dugal trap not triggering

While playing through the Firewatch Fighter's Guild questline on the most recent TR_Mainland version, I was not able to progress the quest Find Mashug gro-Dugal. I talked to Mashug and he mentions the trap as you step onto the carpet, but this does not occur for me. Standing on the platform he stands on before talking to him does not seem to fix the issue. I am not able to trigger the trap he mentions in any way.

"Legion Forts: Status Reports" Should get updated to reflect the changes made in EoE/DoD

"Legion Forts: Status Reports" is a note found in Ebon Tower's Legion headquarters containing an overview of certain Legion forts in mainland Morrowind and their current status.

It's currently still describing the situation before the EoE reworks (still listing Bal Oyra, and Cephorad for instance) and should be updated to reflect said changes.


Found in the latest TR_Mainland (2022-9-22)


Andothren MT writ not working

After killing Nalvos Omayn for the Ando MT and trying to present my writ to the guards they removed my writ and looped back to their initial greeting.

I capured a video of it happening and uploaded it to Disord. Discord won't let me link it directly so i added the message link below,



Found in the latest TR_Mainland with a code patched Morrowind.exe