TR_Mainland.esm    ex_velothi_loaddoor_01    Almas Thirr, Plaza    3906    5101    11451    "check door mesh position"

TR_Mainland.esm    T_De_SetVeloth_X_LighthouseT_01    Almas Thirr (6,-28)    56600    -222453    1477    "fixposition"

note: there are more T_De_SetVeloth_X_LighthouseT_01 static positions wrong, use the right clik/info in the construction set and check all the references

[EDIT] more position problems

Roth Roryn bug

Caspering rock near the observatory:

Content file: 8 [TR_RorynsBluff_0232.esp]
RefNum: 112260
RefID: t_mw_terrrockrm_mtpeak_01
Memory address: 000001518D95C2A0
Cell: Mvelthngth-Schel
Grid: -13 -21
Coordinates: -99206.1 -171936 3517.36
Model: meshes\tr\x\tr_terr_rm_mtpeak_01.nif

Poor placement of furn_mist512 in Sundered Scar

The static furn_mist512 is used throughout the Sundered Scar Region to get the mist effect. The placement is however problematic for those players who are using a transparent mesh replacer for the Bitter Coast scum - which looks much better than the Vanilla model - since the blue box in most cases is placed above the water surface and thus is visible in game. In Bitter Coast that mist static is not even used, so there it is not any problem, and therefore it is not really motivated to revert the scum mesh to the ugly original in order to hide the issues in Sundered Scar.

Some issues in Thirr Valley

  • In TR_Bessarnamidan_Shrine, there is a floating Mephala statue (T_Dae_DngRuin_StatueMephala_01) at (1664.000, -2048.000, -208.796). I suppose this is intentional, but it is problematic since the bottom face of the statue is caspering. So either the placement needs to change or the statue be replaced by a new model.
  • The light in TR_TV5_Hlaalu_Tower_2 is very bright. I would reduce the number of light sources and/or their radii, as this doesn't look natural.
  • The exterior shell to TR_Ald_Iuval_4 is tilted, but this is not reproduced in the interior.

Directions to Raal Grotto in quest journal

I believe it would be helpful, if quests from non-obvious locations stated where is the quest giver located. I've just noticed the lack of this in a "Fluffles" quest from Raal Grotto.
Currently, the first journal entry goes like this:
I have spoken to Devernim, a Wood Elf that resides in the Raal Grotto.

I think it should be something more like this:
I have spoken to Devernim, a Wood Elf that resides in the Raal Grotto, southwest from Gol Mok.

Some Armun Ashlands Landscape Bugs v4

ex_de_railing_02    Armun Ashlands Region (-4,-25)    -29089    -198730    203    "rope of railing not aligned"    
ex_de_railing_02    Armun Ashlands Region (-4,-24)    -28553    -195183    895    "rope of railing not aligned"    
flora_ashtree_05    Armun Ashlands Region (-4,-24)    -28108    -195120    979    "tree under landscape"    
ex_de_railing_02    Armun Ashlands Region (-4,-24)    -30910    -193513    968    "rope of railing not aligned"    
flora_ash_grass_w_01    Armun Ashlands Region (-4,-23)    -31974    -184777    1609    "floating grass"