Dock sounds are barely used anywhere in TR

In most docks on Vvardenfell, dock sounds are added by placing Sound_Boat_Hull00 and/or Sound_Boat_Creak00 activators in the area, in particular along wooden docks and on boat or ship decks. For TR on the other hand, these sounds are almost not used anywhere in such places (although they are sometimes used in interiors and along rope bridges), which reduces immersion. In fact, during a quick survey I only found three settlements where dock sounds are used - Old Ebonheart, Aimrah, and Llothanis - which is way too few.

Assorted bugs in Khalaan

  • When finishing the quest "The Anguished Crux", Rarunsi Tervthi (TR_m3_Kh_Rarunsi Tervth) tells the player that she offers a mace for the help (second line of "special soul gem"). But the reward is in fact a robe, so the response should be changed accordingly.
  • There is a caspering land piece at (3246.289, 4477.021, 9941.708) in the Old Landing.

Expression error in T_Sc_Sound_AmbientInsects

The script T_Sc_Sound_AmbientInsects throws a "Script Error: EXPRESSION" and will not start running if MournWeather is set to 7, i.e. between the quests "A Show of Power" and "A Mad God" in the Tribunal questline. The mechanics of this script are mostly copied from Sound_MournEnv, except that it checks if the player is in Almalexia during the ashstorm episode. It appears that this check is not working properly however, so this needs to be fixed.

Arfil is not knocked unconscious

When meeting Arfil during the Fighters Guild quest "Tainted Goods", he is standing upright, despite the journal saying that he is found lying on the floor, nearly unconscious. It appears that the script which is supposed to be associated with this NPC, TR_m2_q_20_Arfil, is not attached to him, instead he is using a normal NoLore script.

Message displaying at wrong time in "Freedom for a Fiend"

During the quest "Freedom for a Fiend", when approaching Seitur you will get a message that the blade is feeling the presence of its victim, or something on those lines. This is however happening also before reaching the appropriate quest phase, i.e. after having started the quest, but before retrieving the blade, which is a bit confusing. I have unfortunately not been able to locate which script is responsible for this behaviour.

Poorly placed statics in Boethiah's spine

I found these not so well-placed objects in Boethiah's Spine Region:

  • At Heleran's Lodge: The staircase (ex_t_stair_90_r_short) at (x,y,z) = (232006.625, 36788.934, 332.363) is placed and rotated such that there is a large gap between the top step and the platform, which looks weird and impractical.
  • At Telvanni Library: There is a rock (terrain_rock_wg_10) at (x,y,z) = (232314.453, 51423.711, 757.662), which clips through the lowermost part of the entrance to the library.