Draler Ilvi name

As discussed a while back on the forums and more recently on IRC, 'lord Indoril Draler Ilvi' is going to generally be referred to as 'the Indoril Ilvi', the name 'Indoril' effectively acting as a title in and of itself, and 'Ilvi' being the name of whoever rules Roa Dyr. While Indoril Draler may have been the birth name of Ilvi, it would only appear rarely if at all.

Tamriel_Data TR Addon


This is the compiled addon for Tamriel_Data v06. It is not Tamriel_Data itself, but the files and assets that will be merged with it during its next release cycle.


When fixing bugs, adding assets, etc. Take the latest linked file (if one exists), merge your assets to the esp, add your assets, then upload a new version.
Do not include an edited Tamriel_Data.esm/esp! This is strictly for merging our changes!
Please add new merged books into the book index.

Massulahibernanit Daedric Ruins Bugs

We've got a couple of objects that don't seem to be properly placed. One daedric claw is floating off the ground.


As if this wasn't bad enough, another part of the ruin has this going on:

Not a huge issue but definitely something that needs to be fixed for QA reasons.


Updates/Bug Fixes to TR Travels.

Currently in the process of being split into two files:

  1. A version for TR_Mainland only,
  2. a version for TR_Mainland and TR_Preview.

Contains a file for TR_Mainland and Vvardenfell as edited by Morrowind Rebirth too.

typos in ingredient names

T_IngFood_MeatChicken_01 -> Name should be "Chicken Leg" not "Chickenleg"
T_IngFood_MeatChickenRoast_01 -> Name should be "Roasted Chicken Leg", or even just "Roast Chicken" (though this would not match the other Roasted meats, for those of us with OCD)
T_IngFood_MeatBoarRoast_02 -> Name should be "Roasted Boar Meat" to match the capitalization of the other kinds of boar meat

Dro'jorr - Pellitine topic

Dro'jorr, one of the ambassadors at the Elsweyr Mission in Old Ebonheart, says this about the topic Pellitine:

"Pellitine,or as us Khajiit refer to it, Pa'alatiin, is . . ."

Us should be we (as we refer to it), and a space is needed after the comma:

"Pellitine, or as we Khajiit refer to it, Pa'alatiin, is . . ."