Door in Necrom leads to character stuck in geometry

Exiting a certain door in the Necrom Temple Pathway sticks the player in geometry that leaves them floating and unable to escape the immediate area of the doorway. The door I on the overhanging interior balcony. I initially saw this glitch with an Altmer, but tested it with different races and the bug is identical on all of them.

When attempting to enter the door from the outside (via levitating onto the balcony) the player is met with an invisible bubble surrounding it. The door can still be interacted with to enter the building.

OE, Vhul and surrounding area dialogue bugs

- Sodeen (TR_m3_sodeen), the Redguard wizard in Vhul, has the Who's there? bug from almost all angles. But you can get him to speak from certain angles so this is fairly minor. 
- Marayn Voldal, the innkeeper of the Hound in Vhul, greets the player with "Another outlander visits Vhul. You ought to keep to your own people), despite running an inn that caters to outlander visitors.
- Idruvi Naran, who wanders around in Vhul, has a barter option but no goods to barter