The Missing Brother: Dialogue Response Bug

In the quest The Missing Brother, upon returning to Rulvam Helseri to tell him that you found his brother's corpse, clicking [Lie] has the sequence repeat itself until you pick another response option. It's possible that this is intentional, and he's meant to insist that you tell him where you found his brother. This is easily interpereted as a glitch though. If it is intentional, I'd suggest adding a context clue of sorts. (Rulvam interupts you mid-sentence. -- "I don't believe you. Where did you find him?")

Assorted bugs

T_De_SetNecrom_I_Doorjamb_01    Necrom, Tenandus' Rare Books    4224    3648    15808    "caspering doorframe from under"    
TR_m2_Uleni Tenandus00000000    Necrom, Tenandus' Rare Books    4197    4241    15554    "this woman has so many skill books for reading without buying, feels a bit like cheating with all the level ups."    
contain_corpse2000000002    Balvel Ancestral Tomb    662    -388    263    "no creatures in this tomb"    

Minor Visual Glitches on Modular Hlaalu pieces. (TD_Addon)

A few models found in TD_Addon in the modular Hlaalu exterior set have the same issue; the corner edging it appears like two different faces are overlapping causing texture glitches.

T_De_SetHla_X_M_L_Indnt_Alc_CL (tr/x/tr_ex_HM_L_Idt_Alc_CL.nif)

T_De_SetHla_X_M_L_Indnt_Ent_CL (tr/x/tr_ex_HM_L_Idt_Ent_CL.nif)

T_De_SetHla_X_M_L_Indnt_Ent_CR (tr/x/tr_ex_HM_L_Idt_Ent_CR.nif)

Are the three I've seen it on so far. If I find more I shall post them below.

Picture shows one of the pieces but it's pretty much the same visual glitch in all three.

Llaram Farm's interior cells still have WIP names

The interior cells for Llaram Farm (a manor and a slave shack), located near the mouth of the Pryai River in the Ascadian Bluffs, still have their WIP names (eg TR_AB_Llaram_Farm). Since those are the only interior cells to still have WIP names in the section file, I figured this was an oversight worthy of reporting. Let me know if that's not the case.

Unesa Sadrathi has the default *my trade* dialogue for the Herder class

Currently, Unesa Sadrathi, the guar herder/stablewoman outside the main gates to Old Ebonheart, has the default my trade dialogue for the Herder NPC class. Since the class was originally intended to be used only in Ashlander tribes, the dialogue makes constant references to "the tribe" and the Ashlander way of life. This clashes with Unesa's actual place in Old Ebonheart society: a stablewoman in charge of taking care of merchants' and travellers" guars while their owners are in town.

I would suggest adding a custom reply for Unesa's my trade topic.

Wrong-facing door in Neel Gymont's House in Old Ebonheart

The door at the top of the stairs in Neel Gymont's house in Old Ebonheart is opening the wrong way: it opens towards the stairs, which makes it swing into the void above the topmost steps (see attached screenshot)
A potential fix woud be to have the door open "inwards", towards the upstair floor.
Interior cell ID : Old Ebonheart, Neel Gymont's Fine Art

Around Akamora

TR_m2_Baro Kelaius00000000    The Inn Between    4307    4881    14466    "Imperial with a cool story, but gives me the option I can kill him for a contract, which I didn't recieve (yet). Is that a dialogue joke or something?"    
T_MwDe_SetInd_Cul2Empty    Akamora (30,-11)    253588    -84952    4412    "urns in cliff"    
flora_stoneflower_0100000004    Mephalan Vales Region (30,-14)    252092    -112556    4553    "caspering cliff under this stoneflower"    
flora_tree_wg_05    Mephalan Vales Region (31,-13)    260124    -106112    3922    "tree in cliff"    

Beleaguered Sanctuary (Akamora Fighters Guild)

Apart from the directions to this shrine that are utterly useless (or my navigation skills for that matter). Didn't see any of the landmarks, maybe they got changed over time. Leaving south of Akamora imidiately leads to a forked road. It said keeping the silt strider at right, this suggests road marked 1 in screens. I think I should have been taking the other road. But hey, maybe that's is the thing with a shrine. May Almsivi guide me.

Bodrem Bridge

The current main bridge into Bodrem uses a mix of shack poles and cavern platforms across a rock arch, the combinded reference count for this is 90 objects, meanwhile a bridge using Redoran pieces would only need 6 objects (9 adding stairs/pylons at the lower end). Narrativly a Redoran bridge would also make more sense due to Bodrems age, being close to a millenia old.