TR_m3_Lightningboots don't do much

TR_m3_Lightningboots currently does shock damage to self and fortify athletics 100 points. This last bit doesn't really do much and is certainly disappointing in a game where the boots of blinding speed exist - and it doesn't begin to live up to the crazy speed the quest suggests the Imperial gets. I suggest buffing the effect to the 500 - 1000 range instead, possibly reducing the duration to 5-or-so seconds to compensate.


This temporary until a handbook page has been designed release file contains prefab ESPs for Tamriel_Data.
Currently, there are two esps contained with:
TD_Banking_Example (by Texafornian), with an example NPC, example cell, and example dialogue lines to make use of T_D's global banking scripts
TR_Book_Templates (by Ragox), with example combinations of icon and mesh for all TR books in Tamriel_Data.

Black Orc Tavern (Bal Oyra)

When I first set foot inside the "Black Orc Tavern" in (Bal Oyra? Most northeastern town on the mainland) my first thought was that it was closed or abandoned. Felt very empty and lifeless.

I'd recommend a significant amount more clutter, even some messiness. And perhaps a moving NPC.

I don't want to nitpick, but it was very noticeable.


This Release File contains the TR_Readme (.txt), the User Manual (the TR_Readme.pdf), and the user manual Source Document (TR_Readme.odt, created with LibreOffice

The Readme should contain the same information as the User Manual, as they are basically the same document, one is just prettier (and bigger) than the other.