Foedus continues swearing after the Cursing Like a Witch quest

”What are you ogling at, you arse-faced goat? Your unsightly mug must be the reason why there aren't any mirrors left in this damn elf-infested sinkhole of a province!”

The greeting misses a filter apparently. It triggers when I did the following:

1. Brought Aurelia to Dondril.
2. Talked to Foedus for my reward.
3. Went upstairs for my (double) promotion and am told there are no duties, but Foedus might have more duties for me.
4. Talked to Foedus and he says this line.

Glitched urn in quest "A Ruined Legacy"

In the quest "A Ruined Legacy", you are meant to venture into Darano Ancestral Tomb to acquire a sword, but the urn in which it is placed appears to have a normal urn stacked on top of it, which will open instead if you select the top half of the urn. I did not realize this, so I was stuck searching the tomb for the sword for quite a while until I discovered that I needed to open this urn from the bottom.

Kemel-Ze tour guide disappears prematurely from one of the interiors

When taking the guided tour in Kemel-Ze, the guide, Barmena Lletrith, disappears when leaving each area to enter the next one. This is intended to happen next to each door, so the player knows where to go next. However, in one of the interiors (I think it was Rzarch), he disappears almost intantly after entering. I did find him in the next interior, though, but the script obviously did not work as intended here.

Marog dock has no stairs to access the water

Most (if not all?) docks in Vvardenfell have a staircase so one can easily get up from the water via the docks, which is useful should you fall into the water (or if you have swam across the sea and want to get up). This is not the case for Marog. Given the steep cliffs, this makes it difficult to get out of the water without using magic, which I don't think should be necessary.

Can't free Hapi in Vathras plantation

When trying to use the "go free" dialogue topic on Hapi, in Slaves' Shack Three of Vathras plantation, the following error message appears: Script T_ScNpc_Mw_Map4 Syntax Error Line 1. Could not find variable "slaveStatus". You can go through the "go free" dialogue repeatedly, without any change in relationship or ever actually freeing her.

Nirmeni Ieneth topic refers to bounty even if quest not started

The Nirmeni Ieneth topic has a choice option referring to the Indoril Bounties quest - even if the player has never encountered this quest. This choice option should be conditioned on the player having started that quest (TR_m3_B_Nirmeni Ieneth == 10)

This issue might also play for the other bounty target topics, but I have not confirmed that. We should check.

Urlis Rock Journal

Reported by Steve on discord.

Journal entry 20 for quest TR_m1_Bah_widow updates upon activating the skeleton at Urlis Rock even when the related quest has not been started. If the PC has not started the quest, there should be either a distinct journal entry with a different quest hook or no journal entry at all when activating the skeleton.

Also, the wording of the existing journal entry is a bit rough.