Emmurbalpitu Llorissa Fali stuck at meeting

After heading back to Emmurbalpitu and talking to the people in the cave nothing can move forward. Talking to Llorissa she just states "Ill meet you in Emmurbalpitu, you have my word ill be there".
The winged twilight just says "lets hear what that fool has too say". Nothing I can do will move the quest forwards. My latest journal entry is Llorissa Faali agreed to return to the shrine to confront her brothers and sisters I should return to the shrine of aizshur shure and let her know of this"

Broken dialogue topic "Dwemer ruins" in Dagon Fel

With TR_Mainland.esm from the 20.02 release enabled, every single time I ask a NPC in Dagon Fel or any of its interiors about "Dwemer ruins" they all just spit out the same word - "DELETME". I have the slightest gut feeling that this could just be placeholder text that was accidentally left in but I'm not entirely sure. I first noticed this in a modded installation I was putting together but I'm still getting "DELETME" as a response in a freshly installed GOG version of Morrowind with nothing but the standard Bethesda .esms, Tamriel_Data and TR_Mainland ticked in the launcher.

Shara Mantiti's house is not properly linked up

Shara Mantiti's House. Her door is on the outside of a pod, without any walkway. You can float to it. If you exit, you get placed somewhere on the floor outside, precisely below it.

Report time: 2020.03.25 19:44:49 UTC
Content file: TR_Mainland.esm
RefNum: 275758
RefID: in_t_housepod_door_exit
Memory address: 0000021CCA869360
Cell: Port Telvannis, Shara Mantiti's House
Coordinates: 384 0 0
Model: meshes\d\In_T_housepod_door_exit.nif


A Coldharbour Keelhaul will not update

There is an issue updating to Index 85 in the quest after killing Devas Terano. When Talking to the Daedroth you receive the message you see in the screenshot. I was able to bypass this by using a console command to update to Index 85.

I tried to follow the quest instructions. Heading to Baelkashpitu as soon as I killed Devas Terano, having the Soul Anchor in my inventory. I talked to the Daedroth with the weapon equipped as well as out of my hands.

Another thing to note is that after waiting for 3 in-game days, the quest does not fail either.