Jury and Executioner dialog makes no sense

When confronting the hostage-taker in this quest, I chose to cast a Calm Humanoid spell on the NPC. My response choices to the ensuing dialog were something like "You must forfeit your purloined goods and go to jail", which makes no sense, since the NPC was guilty of hostage-taking, not theft. Some cleanup would be helpful here.

oh what customs quest confusing

In the initial dialogue for this quest, Rother Nerevyn asks me to talk to Porcilla Dythos, who is the chief clerk of the "Census and Excise Office". In fact, this office does not appear to officially exist, although there is an Imperial Census Office near Ebon Tower, and a Customs Office near the gate. Perhaps it would be less confusing if RN indicated that PD was in the Harbor Ofiices next door?

Occurences of "Roth Roryn" (without hyphen) in current Roryn's Bluff section file dialogue

In the current Roryn's Bluff section file, two dialogue entries use Roth Roryn (without hyphen), as opposed to Roth-Roryn (with hyphen). Since the topic for the region itself is found under Roth-Roryn (hyphenated), I assume this is the correct spelling of the name.

The two lines are found under the topic cure for my disease, filtered to the NPC TR_m4_Wesencolm, and are as follows:

Use of "Roryn's Bluff" instead of "Roth-Roryn" in one Menaan dialogue entry

The following entry for the topic little advice in Menaan mentions "Roryn's Bluff" as the region in which Menaan is located. It should be "Roth-Roryn" instead, since that is the region's in-game name, and Roryn's Bluff is mostly used outside the game for dev purposes.

The full line, filtered for cell Menaan with a condition Random100 < 80: