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Tamriel Rebuilt is pleased to announce the release of build 17.09!

What’s New

Three big changes come with the September release! Please make sure you updated Tamriel_Data to version 4 (plus the hotfix if you are using the High Def version) before updating.

First, the Faction Merger, one of the goals set out in 2014‘s Statement of Vision has begun. In this first iteration, the Mainland factions have been rolled into Vvardenfell‘s factions (for example the Mainland Great House Telvanni members all belong to House Telvanni).

For little impact on the gameplay on Vvardenfell, TR_Mainland simply contains the new faction tags, and additional quests. All content is optional and nothing changes on Vvardenfell.
For additional gameplay changes, a new plugin, TR_Factions has been made available, that will eventually contain our overhaul to the faction endgame questlines. For now, it contains additional quests on the mainland councillors for the budding Telvanni Hortator, unified faction reaction tables and adjusted rank requirements.
This all works without further changes for your new character. For existing characters, however, you will need to load the included TR_ConvertFactionProgress.esp once to change your mainland faction progress into progress for the new, merged, factions.

Second, the Aanthirin visual overhaul has begun. In an attempt to give the mouth of the Thirr up to Lake Andaram a distinct flavor, the Ascadian Isles trees and ground are in the process of being replaced with a new, orange-greenish palette. This will give additional visual consistency when our exterior development moves further south into the orange Thirr Valley and the red canyons of Shipal-Shin. Of course, this work moves in parallel with efforts to make both river banks ready for merging into TR_Mainland. Settlement corrections, bugfixes, and new dialogue has been implemented and continues to be in the works.


Tamriel Rebuilt - 16.03 Release

Download: Main Mirror | Fliggerty | Nexus

Tamriel Rebuilt is pleased to announce the release of build 16.03!

What’s New

Aside from continuing the trend of bug-fixes and internal housekeeping from the last update, this update includes various minor additions to all of the files, the most visible of which is an overhaul of southern Morrowind's provisional heightmap. Our next update will be released in June 2016. Future updates will continue to be maintenance releases. Our project is currently in the final stages of planning and conceptualization of House Dres and the Deshaan Plains, so stay tuned for further updates on this front. Please consult our changelog for a detailed list of changes and fixes. You are encouraged to visit our forums, or social media outlets to keep track of current progress.

For more details, please watch the release video above! And now for a special announcement...


The Tamriel Rebuilt Team needs YOU!

That's right. For the first time since the initiation of our ongoing project restructure, we are calling for your help. As we are now in the leeward end of our major transition, the time will soon come when we will resume work on planning and developing actual content.

We are in need of a wide range of skills, from administration, organization, planning, writing, art, assets, and eventually actual construction/implementation. Don't worry if you don't know how to use the CS, as contributions to planning and art design will greatly accelerate implementation, and are just as important towards making measurable progress. There are many things to be done outside the construction set. For more information on the types of work we need, check out our Help Wanted page! Our showcase policy has become less restrictive in recent months, and is now only required for actual Construction work. Concept Art, Assets, Literature, writing and planning are exempt from the process and is now open to all.


Tamriel Rebuilt - 15.12 Release

Tamriel Rebuilt is pleased to announce the release of build 15.12!

Download: Main Mirror | Fliggerty | Nexus

What's New

We have a release video!

Aside from the usual bug-fixes, we have been focusing a lot on internal housekeeping, sorting out our plugins and file structure to make things easier for us going forward. That being said, this release is not without new content to play with:

A small plugin which adds travel locations across all of the areas we have created so far and integrates our travel network with Vvardenfell's has been packaged with the main download. This plugin is designed to be loaded with TR_Preview, but is not dependent on it; players using the plugin without TR_Preview loaded may just end up traveling to the middle of the ocean if they pick a destination outside of the TR_Mainland landmass. Aside from being a convenience measure, this plugin also provides a rough idea of the travel network we will be working towards including in TR_Mainland. Please post any feedback to this plugin in this thread.

The travel network as it currently stands can be seen here:

On a smaller scale, some cell names have been added to Almalexia to aid orientation within its vast sprawl.

As always with updating, please be sure to remove the previous install of Tamriel Rebuilt in its entirety. For a full list of changes, please consult the changelog file that is included in the package.

Our next update will be released in March 2016.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy this release!
-The Tamriel Rebuilt Team


Tamriel Rebuilt - 15.10 Release

Tamriel Rebuilt is pleased to announce the release of build 15.10!

Download: Main Mirror | Fliggerty | Nexus

What’s New

It has been well over a year since our last update, and we feel it's time to get things moving along. The delay in releases has been attributed to, as many of you may already well know, a major restructuring in our project. While this past year has seen little in terms of in-game progress, we are now laying the foundations for the various stories and quests you will experience on the Mainland.

This latest release contains a few minor bugfixes to existing content, and is classified as a maintenance release. Most major changes and additions are in our Preview file (formerly known as TR_Alpha). We are incredibly pleased to include the unfinished City of Almalexia in the Preview. This is intended to be a treat to you, the player, rather than a representation of the city in its' final form. The city has no interiors or NPCs, and may cause stability issues. We provide the city as-is, with no guarantee or support in terms of bugfixes, as the city will eventually be redone entirely. We have also added the unfinished heightmap of Southern Morrowind, as we have recieved many complaints about land cutoffs to the south. Between the main release and the preview release, you will now be able to access the entire mainland landmass. Amongst other changes, most of the city of Old Ebonheart has now been interiorized and NPCed, so feel free to explore the city!

As always, with updating, please be sure to remove the previous install of Tamriel Rebuilt in its' entirety. If you are also running the TR_Alpha.esp file, delete it immediately, as the TR_Preview file contains the data included in the Alpha, with further additions. For a full list of changes, please consult the changelog file that is included in the package.

Project Status [October 2015]


Tamriel Rebuilt - 14.08 Release

Tamriel Rebuilt is pleased to announce the release of build 14.08!

Download: Fliggerty | Nexus

What’s New

This is the first release in our new release system, and contains all updates originally planned for Sacred East 1.6, as well as an updated version of our unfinished Alpha lands which now include the remaining parts of Velothis district including the city of Baan Malur, and the Skyrim border regions. No new lands have been added to TR_Mainland, though some of our existing areas around Bosmora got a huge overhaul. There are also many new quests, including the completion of Akamora’s Fighters’ guild questline! Between the Main file and the alpha, one can now access the entire Mainland with the exception of the City of Almalexia and the unfinished heightmap of Southern Morrowind.

Please be sure to remove Sacred East, TR_Data, and the previous alpha (if installed), prior to installing the contents of this archive, as this format supersedes all previous TR releases. We have also updated our readme to be in PDF format for increased readability. Those wishing for a text version can find one here. Changelogs will also be included in all future builds of Tamriel Rebuilt. You can find a list of changes in this update here.

Project Status [August 2014]

While this update does not add any new lands to the playable release, you can explore more areas in the Alpha. We anticipate the first of these areas, the Thirr River Valley, will be ready for the next update, possibly in early 2015. We are currently in the final stages of NPCing these areas (shaded in green in the map below). Other areas including the cities of Old Ebonheart and Andothren (areas in Yellow) are well into the NPC planning stages, and it will likely be that they will start the NPCing process as soon as we are finished the Thirr River Valley areas. This is an exciting time for Tamriel Rebuilt, as we begin to solidify our planning processes to bring you areas that are even more captivating than those found in prior versions of Tamriel Rebuilt.

Development Map (not a release schedule).

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you enjoy this release!



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