TR Handbook

Welcome to the Tamriel Rebuilt Handbook! This handbook has links to everything you need to know about Tamriel Rebuilt and everything you need to do modding for us. This handbook is divided up into several sections based on if you want information about the project in general (About Tamriel Rebuilt), if you want information on how to mod for TR (Tamriel Rebuilt Modder’s Guide), or if you’re looking for our lore writeups (Lore & Planning Documents).

About Tamriel Rebuilt

About Tamriel Rebuilt is our internal information booklet. This includes things like what we currently need help with, our pipeline, links to our online meeting records & IRC chatroom, and information about the project in general.


Planning Documents

The Planning Documents are our encyclopedia of planning information. We use this to plan out things like the character of factions and their questlines, how our regions will look, and what assets we need. Some of the information in here may be spoilers.

Lore Primers

An encyclopedia of miscellaneous lore knowledge and worldbuilding, often specific to Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel and contradicting later games. We use this to flesh out the world and quests. Some of the information in here may be spoilers.

Modder’s Guide

Modder’s Guide is our guidebook to modding for Tamriel Rebuilt. If you’re interested in or currently are modding for us, this guide has all of our guidelines, tips, tools, and tutorials. Even if you’re not working for us, it’s still chock full of information and resources you may find useful.