Website Update

It’s been a good while since the last site update, but progress is underway, nontheless.

After many updates to the TR Handbook, it is maturing into the go-to guide for Tamriel Rebuilt, both for resources, guides, but also for lore and background information.

In another step towards a more modern, streamlined design process, we are starting to use a new Asset Browser, where we will coordinate meshes, textures, quest proposals and similar bottom-up develoment. As before, you do not need to be a developer to post Assets.

Finally, the website design has been updated, with improved support for mobile devices and a general eye-friendly overhaul.

While all of these processes are far from done, the recent steps taken make good on our promise that we will see this restructure through until the final release of a full Morrowind province.

There are, however, still many things that need to be done  and for this we need your help! For more information on the types of work we need, check out our Help Wanted page.


Coolest Site 1997

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Glisp wants to know where his precious namegen went, and I for one agree with him. How can we go on in our pathetic little lives deprived of our liberties like this. This is where we draw our line in the sand. Viva la Name Gen, Viva la Revolución!

That was turned off yesterday

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That was turned off yesterday as it might be part of the memory leak problem which has kept killing the database server every other month.
It’s currently being investigated.