Tamriel Data


New ships in the harbor in Old Ebonheart, and all new food, buildings, plants, and more in Skyrim. All available through Tamriel Data!
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Tamriel_Data is a shared asset resouce created collaboratively between Project: Tamriel and Tamriel Rebuilt, so that we can share our assets, books, and so on, and coordinate our projects better. Tamriel Rebuilt uses Tamriel_Data as our data structure; therefore, Tamriel_Data is required to play Tamriel Rebuilt.

Additionally, Tamriel_Data requires you to register two BSA files. If you do not understand what that means, please check the Nexus download page or the TR Installation video.

The newest version of Tamriel_Data is the appropriate version to use with both Project Tamriel and Tamriel Rebuilt, even if the most recent Data version is newer than PT or TR’s latest releases.

Tamriel_Data is free to use as modder resource, as long as proper credits are given. See the included readme file for usage permissions.

Version 05.1, Updated 23 February 2018

Vanilla Resolution:

  • CRC32: d5529991
  • SHA-1: 2cac592c321632b363d70c166088daeb9fe96e9b
  • MD5: 99d99e76572e2f694a70b5eb5b57d4a6

High Resolution:

  • CRC32: e0cb6451
  • SHA-1: 3a8a10c6e613be7e9bcf4bb8f8721fa53a0f5fb6
  • MD5: 5bdfc04e2d869ce93b6fceb1de1f86c2