2022-01-09 Meeting Summary

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Proposed Agenda

DoD Hlaalu questline proposal.

Discussing the proposal to merge the TV and Narsis releases.

Dialogue proposal concerning the NoLore local and cross-project NPC locals.

Dwemer junk mace and a general discussion about issues with lack of communication and interaction between asset work on Discord and asset work on the site. (Progress posted to Discord not making it back to the site, feedback on the forum and Discord running in parallel, etc.)

Adding Chimer strongholds or another form of dungeon to Shipal-shin, as it's currently lacking in dungeon variety.

Future Releases

  • TV NPC claims second pass
    • The Hlan Oek Zenithar cult should be discussed more before NPCing. After discussion with Infragris and Thomas, the Knights of Iron from High Rock might be a bad fit and a (perhaps more Nibenese) Zenithar cult should probably be substituted (no real effect on interiors).
  • Possibly more Narsis/Shipal-shin interior claim discussions.
  • A new transitional region between Alt Orethan and the Deshaan Plains.
  • Sorting out which cites have which guild halls
    • Thieves Guild
    • Morag Tong
    • How much do the Temple and Cult need this?
  • Resolving more Imperial Cult issues, perhaps up to a Template Meeting
    • IC shrines start appearing in Thirr Valley and need a better overarching characterisation
    • The faction endgame
  • Daedric shrines
    • Daedric cultists (how active are they, where are they active, what is the Temple doing against them, etc. The shrines on Vvardenfell have been recently re-populated according to in-game dialogue, so we may want to square that with having them populated on the mainland)
    • Good Daedra shrines. Each only gets one in the base game, each in a unique situation with none of the typical hostile cultists etc. We need to figure out what role shrines to the Good Daedra should play on the mainland.
  • Same thing for the Psijjic Order.
    • Requires Infragris and a whole lot of lore-aware people.
  • The integration of PI (Padomiac Isles) assets through TR's browser.

Meeting Notes

DoD House Hlaalu Questline

The proposal was generally approved of by those present, though a few more detailed aspects were discussed:

  • As noted in the proposal, No Assassins Beyond this Point will get rewritten both due to unnecessary technical complexity and because it involves an ensured failure state the player would and really should be able to avoid. (When an innocent farmer attacks the PC, the player would be able to calm them, would probably guess they’re not really an assassin, and could guess the assassin is going to pick another route).
  • Omaynis Inn will be moved to before Reverse Rescue and The Hearing (so that they will happen in that order), so that construction will progress during those two quests, and as the Hearing is arguably a better end-cap to that part of the questline due to having higher stakes, possibly involving the player with the Camonna Tong, and setting up the coup.
  • Dreynos Helvi will not be at the head of the coup, but will instead act as a helpful advisor to the player moving forward, pointing them to quests in Gol Mok and on Vvardenfell. (Already part of the proposal)
  • The player will not act against Andas in the coup, as the player should be set up as a trustworthy agent of Andas in the next stage of the questline.
  • For the post-DoD release cap of the Andothren questline, the player would basically be Andas’ Sith apprentice, doing tasks for him but inevitably betraying him in the end. There would be a variety of ways to get rid of Andas, not all involving killing him or officially ousting him from his position, and the player would not be chosen as the governor of Andothren in his stead. The player would de facto act as a kingpin in Andothren, which would get the attention of the Hlaalu Council Company, who would involve the player in the next stage of the Hlaalu questline.

Narsis-TV release

Nobody present was against this proposal, details of which can be found here.

Dialogue Proposal

Nobody present was against this proposal.

As far as vanilla lore dialogue is concerned, the dialogue needs to be exported, the lines filtered for [NotLocal NoLore = 0] weeded out, and then those lines need to be reviewed to find out which should be duplicated as TR dialogue (with or without edits) and which should stay Vvardenfell (and vanilla) specific.

On the more ambitious end, it would be good to assess the possibility of maintaining a wiki-based compilation of TR/PT dialogue, so that it can be more conveniently reviewed, suggestions for edits made, problems identified etc. The important thing is that there would need to be a means to keep the list up-to-date with minimal work. (ie. dialogue export run through a script or something).

Proposed Renaming of Thirr Valley

As Thirr Valley is not really a valley any more the name does not make sense. As such it was proposed to rename this region after Lake Coranati.

Coranati Basin was suggested and no one was against it. IDs would remain TV so that nobody needs to tear their hair out.

Shipal-Shin Dungeons

A variety of potential dungeon types to add to Shipal-shin, which is lacking them, was discussed.

  • Skyrenders Hives - yes.
  • Reman Ruins - in Shipal-Shin and can appear sparingly a bit further into Morrowind, in Othreleth Woods and parts of Velothis.
  • Ayleid Ruins - on the border south of Kragenmoor (leaving the Marahk-Bazhul question aside for now) including the southern edge of Shipal-shin to its eastern edge where it meets the Arnesian jungle, not in Othreleth Woods, Arnesian Jungle itself or further into Morrowind
  • Chimer Strongholds - possibly not given the above alternatives and Shipal-shin not really being suited to the placement as herding focus as per the Importance of Where
  • Dwemer Ruins - stop more or less at Kragenmoor (ie. stick to current plans)

Transition Zone in Narsis+TV release

Adding some cells to the eastern edge of the new Narsis release was discussed, to avoid having an awkward cut-off on the right side. This would be a slope up to the highest part of the Deshaan Plains. We’d need to first assess what assets are still missing: flora is available but may need some more work, landscape textures and rocks will need more work, as well as cliffs for the edge of Lake Andaram. Only when we have a clear idea of what would be necessary and the viability of getting the asset work done should we consider setting up the two new claims.
Skyrender hives could make an appearance here, but no Dres settlements. (Possibly camps of Hlaalu merchants who travel into the Deshaan to trade with the Dres). Further content could always be added later.