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2023-07-28 11:42
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Gathering here all my concepts associated with PTR so that it can be easily accessible. Even if it is mostly Nord stuff for now... So here are all the concepts I posted on discord so far, I will update it bit by bit as I do more stuff...

Posted here:

Additions for the Vanilla Nordic Ringmail Armor;


Nordic Leather Armor (to go with Vanilla's Nordic Leather Shield);


Horker Skin Armor;


Northern Grub-Fur Armor (based on MK's original concept art for Morrowind);


Turd & Fur Armor (based on MK's original concept art for Morrowind);


Alternative version of Bloodmoon's Bear Armor;


Malakh Orcs' Stone Spires;


Malahk Orcs' Clutter;

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Sultan of Rum
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2019-08-25 19:28
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Awesome, thanks! The more this stuff is backed up on our own infrastructure (and easily searchable, which Discord isn't), the better.