Any Lovecraft Fans ?

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2016-08-05 14:00
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[Apologies for the Bad Grammar beer has been my enemy for many years but as some hippie once said love your enemies]

Good Day , while picking up Morrowind Once more after a Decade of mashing other games and real life kicking the crap out of me
I took but Notice [ A bit of spoiler , always that one lad who dosent know ] there is an Enemy in this game that resembles Cthulhu
and the thinking dilema caught me , Now How intresting would that be ? 
I realize it goes againts the lore at Light Speeds but it would be fun no ?
tell me what you guys think anything helps

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2016-03-14 17:47
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11 months 3 weeks ago

Yeah I love Lovecraft too, and Morrowind certainly draws a lot of inspiration from his works, especially House Dagoth.

Someone please write a quest inspired by “The color out of space” as an easter egg for TR!

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2016-10-01 19:13
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1 year 11 months ago

…well, variants of HPL’s »The Temple« would fit even better into the game… Daedra (Old Ones’) worship and stuff…

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