Common Interior Making Mistakes.

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Fürst Thal
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2018-01-22 22:14
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List of common mistakes done when making interiors:


Weapons and Armor:
Always check them. Most of the float at one point by default.

misc_com_wood_knife: This floods by standard. Notice the wooden part of it. While one part of it will touch the surface when using "f" the other will not.

Moldcave: Is supposed to be stone, so don't let anything bleed with the ground, wall or roof.
Stuff with planks: Most of the time the plank are always uneven, be aware of that.
Ashlander Yurts: Ground  is non-flat.

in_velothismall_ndoor_01: When building Velothi stuff and placing the doors then please set the gridsnap under preferences to 4 from 64. Otherwise the door won't be placed correctly.

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2016-01-19 19:35
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non-flat ground in ashlander yurts

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2014-03-16 17:45
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Same as all claim types, not loading the file in the game and everything that ensues
working with a wrong impression of player scale
places blocked by collision, improvised stairs or uneven ground that need invisible walls added
flickering where meshes overlap that can only be seen by moving at a distance in the game
weird light effects, lack of ambient sound activators...

Also using data IDs instead of TR_ IDs