Morag Tong Content Proposal

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2021-02-16 06:31
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In Tamriel Rebuilt, every non-Great House faction has gotten some form of extra content in the additional landmass added by the mod - with the sole exception of the Morag Tong. This has always perplexed me, as the Morag Tong’s quest formula is incredibly simple to implement - the following is a proposal for six Morag Tong writs, in three pairs of two.

These writs are to be added to a writ pool separate from the vanilla writs, based on the map dialogue filtering borders. All six of these writs are inside the border of map 4, and so will currently only be available in Andothren’s Morag Tong Guildhall. (In future, I wish to add Morag Tong writs to a map 3 pool in Roa Dyr and Akamora in the Hlan Oek interim release. This may include targets in Aanthirin, the new Hlan Oek area, and potentially some older map 3 areas.)

The targets are primarily Hlaalu nobles and agents, along with one Redoran noble/guard and one smuggler. A list of non-quest involved House Hlaalu members was provided to me by Jackimoff Wackimoff - special thanks to them.

Writs one and two: Llirala Arys in the Andothren Council House and Adalaise Evicus in her house in Andothren. These writs are to get the player exploring Andothren. Ideally, they’ll see plenty of the sights around the city by the time they’re found both targets.

Writs three and four: Ennia Falielle in the Andothren Retainer Apartments and Nalvos Omayn in Omaynis. More Andothren exploration, plus a trip to Omaynis. Getting the player out into more of the release’s land.

Writs five and six: Jebyn Indo in Piransulit and Almse Ramaran in Bodrem’s northern watchtower. These writs bring the player to more remote regions in the release, encouraging them to explore some wider expanses.