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2016-04-16 22:36
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this is Atahualpa from the OpenMW forums writing. I recently took over WeirdSexy’s job of producing our release videos. We have just released version 0.39.0 of our open source engine, and I wanted to seize the chance to promote OpenMW a bit more. I’ll quote the release announcement in the follow-up post.

Most of you should be familiar with our project but I created that thread just to stay in contact with your great venture which aims at implementing the parts of Morrowind Bethesda bilked us of. We already had a thread at your old forums but that seems to be burried in your archives ( Thus the revival!


Just in case you don’t know about OpenMW:

OpenMW is an open source reimplementation of Bethesda’s RPG-classic The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Our goals are to provide a modern, maintainable and freely accessible engine to play Morrowind natively on Windows, Linux and MacOS X, while at first recreating the vanilla engine without its bugs, probably adding some minor features, and later extending our engine to allow modders to adjust every single piece of the game to their needs. OpenMW will be compatible with all mods made for Morrowind, on condition that they don’t rely onthird-party software like, for example, MGE / MGE XE.

OpenMW is also suitable for creating whole new games using our engine. We provide a home-brew editor, OpenMW-CS, which will be easy to use as well as highly customisable, and should allow modders to do whatever they could with the original Construction Set – and even more!

So far we are nearly feature-complete on the engine’s side, mainly fixing bugs and implementing new features in OpenMW-CS. Every quest in Morrowind itself should be playable by now, without ever running into a game-breaking bug.

Check out our homepage for more information, ask your questions in our forums, consult our Wiki if you’ve problems, or update our bugtracker if you’ve encountered an issue:


In this thread, we can discuss your opinion on OpenMW, your experiences with our engine, and – most important – possible cooperation between our projects. Honestly, I didn’t try to install Tamriel Rebuilt on top of my OpenMW setup, so I’d like to hear if any of you succeeded in this. I wrote this on our forums a while ago: I’d really like to “advertise” your project in one of the upcoming OpenMW videos. Maybe showcasing some new places or flying over Morrowind with your land mass added.

You could benefit from OpenMW’s development in form of OpenMW-CS. We recently made some big steps forward in terms of functionality of our editor, and a possible future switch to our engine would also help us to legitimate our status as “the” alternative to Bethesda’s engine. Apart from that, we are always in bad need of testers for both our engine as well as our editor. So if you’d consider to test your mod using OpenMW and simultaneously tinker with OpenMW-CS, that would be awesome!

Let me know what you think. I really don’t want to put any pressure on you – we are all spending our time on these projects at a voluntary basis.


Best regards, also on behalf of the OpenMW team, smiley


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2016-04-16 22:36
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And here comes our recent release announcement – feel free to follow the corresponding link to our homepage:


The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.39.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release brings background cell loading and caching, which is a feature not to be missed. Initial support for object shaders has found its way back into our engine, and a host of bugs have been smashed. See below for the full list of changes.

The venerable Atahualpa has bravely stepped up to fill WeirdSexy's boundless shoes as our video producer, check out the video for this release here: and OpenMW-CS 0.39.0 here: Check our blog or Youtube channel if you missed his videos for versions 0.36, 0.37, or 0.38.

Known Issues:
- Shadows are not re-implemented at this time, as well as distant land

- Implemented background cell loading and caching of loaded cells
- Implemented support for object shaders in OSG
- Implemented interpolation for physics simulation, smoothing rendering of statics and fixing some collision issues
- Implemented support for sphere map NiTextureEffects
- Implemented the FixMe script instruction
- Implemented support for RGB and RGBA embedded textures in NIF files
- Implemented corpse clear delay
- Implemented per-creature respawn time tracking
- Fixed Dark Brotherhood Assassins, ghosts in Ibar-Dad, and other creatures spawned with PlaceAt spawning inside world geometry
- Fixed Activate / OnActivate script instruction to match vanilla behavior
- Fixed player spawning underwater when loading a game saved while swimming
- Fixed NPCs not using correct animations with Animated Morrowind mod
- Fixed Riekling raider pig screaming continuously
- Fixed Vivec's hands in the Psymoniser Vivec God Replacement mod
- Fixed NPCs spamming restoration spells instead of defending themself
- Fixed a crash caused by local script iteration
- Fixed AI packages to not stack when duplicates are added
- Fixed actor animations not being rebuilt on resurrection
- Fixed dialog boxes for non-standard NPCs not scrolling correctly
- Fixed wandering NPCs disappearing or getting teleported to strange places
- Fixed missing NPC name in journal entry when given Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces quest
- Fixed bounding box used for items when dropping them from the inventory
- Fixed spells exploding on an actor being applied twice
- Fixed Azura's missing head
- Fixed potion effect showing when ingredient effects are not known
- Fixed hands turning partially invisible when chopping with a spear
- Fixed fast travel breaking save files made afterwards
- Fixed crash after casting recall spell
- Fixed constant effect enchantment animation playing on dead bodies
- Fixed spell effects to not persist after the caster dies
- Fixed corpses that are submerged at the beginning of the game to stay submerged
- Fixed "when strikes" enchantments to not launch a projectile from the attacker when they apply
- Fixed camera snapping to straight up or down after teleporting
- Fixed alchemy window ingredient count not decrementing when combining ingredients that don't share effects
- Fixed mods corrupting the hasWater() flag for exterior cells
- Fixed a crash with mods that define bip01 spine1 but not bip01 spine2
- Fixed class image display when an image for the class is not found
- Fixed possible infinite disposition through exploit
- Fixed glitch causing removed clothing to still be rendered on the character on the inventory paper doll
- Fixed statics and activators not being able to cast spell effects on the player
- Fixed cells not loading when using Poorly Placed Object Fix mod
- Fixed female characters incorrectly using the male base animation skeleton
- Fixed "use best attack" punches to match vanilla behavior
- Fixed crash when clicking through the class selection menu a specific way
- Fixed save list jumping to the top when deleting a saved game
- Fixed the selected class and race not being cleared when starting a new game
- Fixed crash when water normal map is missing
- Fixed an issue with handling stray arguments in scripts
- Fixed Drop script instruction to match vanilla behavior
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented GMST verifier
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented info record verifier
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented rendering cell border markers in Scene view
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented point lighting in Scene view
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented optional line wrapping in script editor
- OpenMW-CS: Reimplemented 3D scene camera system
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented scenes being a drop target for referenceables
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented rendering cell markers in Scene view
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented Instance selection menu in Scene view
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented Move sub mode for Instance editing mode in Scene view
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented behavior for changing water level of interiors to match exteriors
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented using "Enter" key instead of clicking "Create" button to confirm ID input in Creator Bar
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed objects dropped in the scene not always saving
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed objects added to the scene not rendering until the scene is reloaded
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed land data being written twice
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed GMST ID named sMake Enchantment being named sMake when making new game from scratch
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed creator bar in Start Scripts subview not accepting script ID drops
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed using the "Next Script" and "Previous Script" buttons changes the record status to "Modified"

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2016-01-23 11:05
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I love new bug tracker skin and I can not wait to see 0.40.0 smiley maybe in 40 you fix name labels laugh


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2016-04-16 22:36
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The OpenMW team has, finally, released version 0.40.0! The release got a bit delayed because of several errors in different release builds. Now, everything should be in place. Have fun with the new version – and keep up the great work! I really enjoyed your Summer Update video.

The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.40.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release brings some small new features, but mainly bug fixes and improvements. We're winding down on implementable features, these are exciting times for OpenMW, even if releases have a little less user-visible changes. The game is basically fully playable, and future releases will bring mostly more fixes and optimizations.

Check out the release video ( and the OpenMW-CS release video ( by the prodigious Atahualpa, and see below for the full list of changes.

Known Issues:
- Shadows are not re-implemented at this time, as well as distant land
- To use the Linux targz package binaries Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system

- Implemented NPC "Face" function
- Implemented weather dependent sun/moon reflections
- Implemented effect removal for abilities, fixes locked player movement upon exiting portable house mods
- Implemented deletion of moved references
- Fixed possible reference duplication when a mod modifies the corresponding refID
- Fixed creatures in cells without pathgrids not wandering
- Fixed death events to trigger at the end of the death animation instead of the beginning
- Fixed timed effects not to be interrupted when resting
- Fixed constant effects not to be put on hold when resting
- Fixed some issues with how Magicka is calculated in regard to Fortify Magicka effect and Intelligence
- Fixed several issues with telekinesis interaction
- Fixed issues with how the "#" character was handled in directory names in the config
- Fixed Slowfall spell to now stop forward momentum when jumping
- Fixed not being able to replace parent cell references with a cell reference of different type
- Fixed Cliff Racers not being able to attack targets below them
- Fixed creatures and NPCs not being able to aim ranged attacks vertically
- Fixed the player spawning at the origin if the cell they saved in doesn't exist anymore
- Fixed crash that could occur when using teleportation spells
- Fixed ESS-Importer not separating item stacks
- Fixed NPCs forgetting they had talked to the player before for their voiced dialog
- Fixed NPCs not looping their AiTravel assignments
- Fixed NPCs wandering to invalid locations after training
- Fixed NPCs wandering off their pathgrid when player waits
- Fixed "StopCombat" AI command not functioning correctly
- Fixed Larienna Macrina not correctly stopping combat after killing Hrelvesuu in the "Battle at Nchurdamz" quest
- Fixed monsters respawning when loading a quicksave
- Fixed a visual effect playing in Dagoth Ur's chamber that shouldn't be there
- Fixed blight weather still occurring after killing Dagoth Ur
- Fixed new dialog in a mod inheriting some data from the dialog it replaces
- Fixed actors that start the game dead always using the same death pose
- Fixed NPCs to not auto-equip ammunition
- Fixed NPCs not favoring ranged weapons
- Fixed NPCs detecting the player when they don't have line of sight
- Fixed ashmire particles rendering outside of their pool
- Fixed AiWander start time resetting when saving/loading
- Fixed 1st and 3rd person camera not converting from .ess correctly with ESS-Importer
- Fixed issues caused by the idle camera when the player is paralyzed
- Fixed nearby monsters who have not detected the player not preventing the player from resting
- Fixed an issue with the victim of a pickpocket not always being alerted
- Fixed dead NPCs and creatures contributing to Sneak skill increases
- Fixed weather dependent dialog playing in interior cells
- Fixed effects cast by summons persisting after their death
- Fixed an issue with parallax map rendering
- Fixed level up graphic to match vanilla game behavior
- Fixed segfault in Atrayonis's "Anthology Solstheim: Tomb of the Snow Prince" mod
- Fixed issues with invisibility not dispelling correctly
- Fixed the first couple of seconds of NPC speech being muted on some PCs
- Fixed being able to stack effects from identical magic scrolls
- Fixed 3rd person camera distance getting stuck
- Fixed AiFollow and AiEscort durations to be handled as in-game hours instead of seconds, as per the vanilla engine
- Fixed a couple of issues with how fatigue is displayed when the player has fortified strength
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented multiple deletion of subrecords
- OpenMW-CS: Reimplemented pathgrid rendering
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented configurable key bindings
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented pathgrid editing
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed Start Scripts table not updating when a script is added
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed tooltips not showing in scene view unless holding mouse button on them
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed tab width in Script Editor to be 4 characters instead of 4 pixels
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed being able to create duplicate pathgrid records
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed data in Weapon records not being properly set
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed Regions table to show weather options and allow editing them

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2015-12-12 23:47
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Woohooo! *throws confetti!*

I for one am really looking forward to trying this out.

Does: concepts, textures, youtube vids, admin stuff e.g. PR, handbook, assets, small website things. Activity level: wildly unpredictable. Still active. Find me on Discord.

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2016-04-16 22:36
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Hello over there at Tamriel Rebuilt!

The OpenMW has released version 0.41.0 of our open source reimplementation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Keep your fingers crossed for a 1.0 release in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, check out the change log and the corresponding release videos. – Oh, and I watched your 16.09 release video as well. Good work! smiley

Best regards and a happy new year,


The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.41.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. This release brings an assortment of small new features, such as a handful of graphical magical effects, and some new NPC AI behavior. We continue to plod along to a 1.0 release, stay tuned!

Check out the engine release video ( and the OpenMW-CS release video ( by the irrepressible Atahualpa.

Known Issues:
- Shadows are not re-implemented at this time, as well as distant land
- To use the Linux targz package binaries Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
- On OSX, OpenMW-CS is able to launch OpenMW only if and are siblings
- On OSX, some users may experience the beginning of acted voice clips cut off

New Features:
- Implemented zero-weight boots playing light armor boot footsteps
- Implemented playing audio and visual effects for every effect in a spell
- Implemented doubling the size of spell explosions
- Implemented particle textures for spell effects
- Implemented NPCs using opponent's weapon range to decide whether to dodge
- Implemented dodging for creatures with the "biped" flag
- Implemented drop shadow for items in the menu
- Implemented correct range for "on touch" spells
- Implemented using telekinesis with on touch spells on objects
- Implemented AI Combat: Flee
- Implemented player glow for non-portable lights added to the inventory
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented rotate and scale sub modes for instance editing mode
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented water rendering
- ESS-Importer: Implemented player control flags

Bug Fixes:
- Almsivi and Divine intervention now display the correct spell effect
- Instant spell effects now show an effect indicator
- Fixed playback of weapon idle animation to include a part previously omitted
- Stat review window at character creation now shows starting spells, powers, and abilities
- Repair and recharge interfaces no longer cause a performance drop under certain circumstances
- Fullscreen can now be disabled again after enabling it in-game on OSX
- Disabled door markers no longer show up on the map
- Fixed an issue when the equip script instruction is used on an NPC without the item, fixing mods Romance 3.7 and Vampire Embrace
- Banners now show random animations during stormy weather
- Inventory tooltip for zero-weight armor no longer displays weight info
- Idle animations now always loop
- Spark showers near Sotha Sil now appear at the right time
- The type of an NPC's melee attack (chop, slash, thrust) no longer depends on their movement direction
- Fix for freeze when the cell was changed immediately after dying
- Unalerted slaughterfish in the same cell as the player no longer prevent resting
- Blood effects no longer occur when the hit is resisted
- Todwendy can now be interacted with in the German version of the game
- Fix for crash when opening the journal with missing fonts
- SetInvisible command no longer applies a graphic effect
- Non-hostile NPCs can no longer be disarmed by pickpocketing their weapons
- Hidden inventory items, such as the light source for Trueflame's light effect, are no longer shown
- Corrected the order in which alembics and retorts are used
- Animation replacer no longer hangs after one animation cycle
- Corrected sounds and skill increases for bound armor and shields
- Corky can now be sold to Drulene Falen
- NPC disposition can no longer be lowered below zero
- NPC autoequip behavior now better matches vanilla
- State of enabled/disabled player controls is now correctly saved
- Moved references are now properly handled in respawning code
- Water ripples are now shown when walking on water
- Argonian NPCs no longer swim like Khajiits
- Spells with the "always succeed" flag can now be deleted from the spellbook
- Bound equipment spells can no longer be recast
- Fixed some objects added by Morrowind Rebirth not properly displaying their texture
- Fixed OSX not being able to find settings-default.cfg
- Fixed dialogue/journal links being unclickable on certain platforms due to undefined behavior
- Attacking with a stacked enchanted thrown weapon no longer reduces the charge of items remaining in that stack
- Fixed an issue with the water surface transparency when viewed from certain angles using non-shader water
- Fixed animation state to be saved upon cell-changing or save & load; fixes several traps as well as the metal doors in Sotha Sil
- "Can't Cast" message now displayed when water walking is cast from too great of a depth
- Player is now moved out of the water when casting water walking from a shallow enough depth
- Levelled items in merchant inventory are no longer re-added every time the trade window is reopened
- Weather manager now handles weather for regions added by plugins after a save game was created
- Fix to more gracefully handle cases where an object refers to an enchantment ID which does not exist
- Fixed how NPCs react to hostile spell effects being cast on them (for now, see:
- Player/NPC skeleton's bone cache is now cleared when a node is added/removed, fixing a crash that could happen whenever player/NPC equipment is updated
- OpenMW-CS: Globals are now initialized with a valid type
- OpenMW-CS: The nested tables for NPC skills and attributes are now hidden when the auto-calc flag is checked
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed verification for "Not Local" info condition
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed verification for special faction ID "FFFF"
- OpenMW-CS: Changes from omwaddon are now loaded in [New Addon] mode
- OpenMW-CS: Objects moved in interior cells in the scene editor will no longer be teleported outside
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed not being able to find the project file when launching the game
- OpenMW-CS: Deleted instances will no longer reappear
- OpenMW-CS: Using "Extend Selection to Instances" will no longer cause duplicates

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2014-03-16 17:45
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Watching OpenMW’s work so close to completion really puts the vanilla engine’s bugs in perspective!

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2016-04-16 22:36
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Hello again,

we have finally released version 0.42.0 of our OpenMW engine. The release was delayed due to an exemplary case of Murphy's Law, mostly on the release commentaries' side. We are already making good progress on v0.43.0, so it won't be another 8 months until the next release. Check out our official release announcement below -- and have a look at my release commentaries.

Best regards,

"The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.42.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page ( for all operating systems. Apologies for the delayed release, but we wanted to have everything in order for you! Check the changelog below for new features and bug fixes.

Check out the release video ( and the OpenMW-CS release video ( by the magnanimous Atahualpa, and see below for the full list of changes.

Known Issues:
- Shadows are not re-implemented yet
- To use the Linux targz package binaries, Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
- On macOS, OpenMW-CS is able to launch OpenMW only if and are siblings

New Features:
- Implemented water sound effects
- Implemented light particles showing in inventory character preview
- Implemented magic projectiles emitting light
- Implemented NiSphericalCollider
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented "Book Type" combo box replacing "Scroll" check box in Book records
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented "Blood Type" combo box replacing blood check boxes in NPC and Creature records
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented "Emitter Type" combo box replacing emitter check boxes in Light records
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented "Gender" combo box replacing "Female" check box in NPC and Body Part records
- ess-Importer: Implemented converting mark location
- ess-Importer: Implemented converting last known exterior cell

Bug Fixes:
- Falling leaves in Vurt's tree mods now render correctly
- Actors now use capsular collision shapes (solves issues with characters getting stuck or floating above the ground)
- Collision handling has been improved (better performance and overall behaviour)
- Collision is now not disabled for actors until their death animation has finished playing
- Players can no longer climb sheer terrain by jumping and then moving forwards in the air
- Doors no longer stutter when colliding with the player
- Dialog boxes now appear in the center of the screen after the window is resized
- Weapon and spell cycling is now disabled while in GUI mode
- Weapon and spell cycling can now be bound to a gamepad
- Gamepad and mouse/keyboard may now be used at the same time
- Inventory window titles are now centered vertically
- Changed name tooltips' behavior on enemies to match vanilla behavior
- The maximum width of a tooltip is no longer set to a fixed value
- The drowning widget now more accurately matches the vanilla one
- Fall height is now reset when the player teleports
- Changed Slowfall spell effect to better match vanilla behavior while jumping
- Combat with water creatures now ends when leaving the water
- AI actors no longer hit unintended targets
- Changed NPC wander and idle behavior to better match vanilla
- Fixed some summoned creatures not engaging underwater creatures in combat
- Enemies now initiate combat with player followers on sight
- Creatures now auto-equip their shields on creation
- Changed combat engagement logic to better match vanilla behavior
- The Command spell effect now brings enemies out of combat
- Followers now continue to follow after resting and saving and reloading the game
- Light prioritization on objects now takes the light sources' intensity into account (fixes issues with light sources popping up)
- Icon shadows no longer persist in GUI windows
- Disintegrate Armor/Weapon spell effects are no longer bound to the framerate
- Enchanted arrows now explode when they hit the ground or a static object
- Fixed a crash that occurred while using a container and the console at the same time
- Fixed the beginning of NPC speech being cut off on macOS
- Nodes named "bounding box" are now ignored by the nifloader making corresponding meshes render correctly
- The correct swish sound is now played for NPC weapon attacks
- The player now has to pay for their followers when using fast travel
- Fixed a regression with Dispel; it now is an instant spell effect again
- Corrected greetings in Antares' Big Mod
- The ProjectileManager no longer crashes when a sound ID fails to play or is not found
- Fixed behavior of Activate and OnActivate commands (fixes freeze when opening "Hammers" container in Aanumuran Reclaimed mod)
- Fixed possible game-breaking exception caused by trying to access NPC stats on a creature
- Identification papers can now be picked back up after they are dropped
- Fixed the interpreter to properly handle a reference change caused by an Activate command
- Changed behavior of stat script commands to better handle stats above 100
- Fixed gun sounds in Clean Hunter Rifles mod
- Fixed selling success chance when bartering
- Fixed objects doubling when loading a save game after editing the used game files
- Silenced SDL events of types 0x302 and 0x304
- Fixed a rare crash that occurred on cell loading
- Activation flags are now reset when an object is copied
- Removed the possibility to implicitly call GetJournalIndex by simply stating a script ID (solves issues with objects using the same ID as a script in Emma's Lokken mod)
- Blacklisted some unused scripts from the Bloodmoon expansion pack which relied upon the abovementioned implicit function call
- Fixed the ResourceHelpers to allow the simultaneous use of forward and backward slashes in a model path
- Fixed handling of enchantments' spell effects to correctly display these effects in the GUI
- OpenMW-CS: New or cloned Body Part records may now use the ".1st" suffix
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed sorting verification results by Record Type
- OpenMW-CS: Cloned and added pathgrids are no longer lost after reopening an omwgame file
- OpenMW-CS: Camera position is now re-centered when changing interior cells via drag & drop
- OpenMW-CS: Added missing Text field to allow editing a book's actual text
- OpenMW-CS: Skill books now show associated skill IDs instead of attribute IDs"

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2017-07-24 07:16
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I have been using openmw since .40 and I have to complement you guys.  It plays the game much more smoothly than the original. Thanks for the hard work. 
Also, are shadows close to being reimplemented? Maybe in .43? I don't understand all the technical stuff and I never noticed them till they were gone but that is definitely a feature I'm looking forward to.

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2016-04-16 22:36
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2 weeks 6 days ago

A bit late, but have you read our recent news post? Our user AnyOldName3 is currently implementing shadows for the OSG version of OpenMW. Have a look here for a WIP video.

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2016-04-16 22:36
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2 weeks 6 days ago

Hello Tamriel Rebuilt!

While you are busy working on your next release (hopefully a 180x one!), we have released version 0.43.0 of our OpenMW engine. Apart from over 100 bug fixes, we have also implemented some of the remaining v1.0 features. Have a look at the official release announcement below, and check out our release commentaries.

Best regards,

"The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.43.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release brings a host of new features and bug fixes, including AI resurfacing to breathe, improved AI combat behavior and keyboard shortcuts for menus.

Check out the release video and the OpenMW-CS release video by the masterful Atahualpa, and see below for the full list of changes.

Known Issues:
- Shadows are not re-implemented yet
- To use the Linux targz package binaries, Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
- On macOS, OpenMW-CS is able to launch OpenMW only if and are siblings

New Features:
- Implemented AI resurfacing to breathe (#1374)
- Implemented rain and snow induced water ripples (#452, 4156)
- Implemented fade to black on cell transitions (#824)
- Implemented starting in an unnamed exterior cell with --start (#3941)
- Implemented AI using "WhenUsed" enchantments (#3953)
- Implemented stacks of ingredients or potions remaining grabbed after using one (#4082)
- Implemented keyboard navigation for menus (#3400)
- Implemented an option to show the success rate while enchanting (#3492)
- Implemented an option to show projectiles' damage in tooltips (#2923)
- Implemented an option to show melee weapons' reach and speed in tooltips (#2923)
- Implemented a "launch OpenMW" tickbox on the Windows installer (#2258)
- Implemented the ability to close the inventory while dragging items (#1692, #3099)
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented LTEX record table (#933)
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented LAND record table (#936)
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented highlighting occurrences of a variable in a script (#2509)
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented using one resource manager per document (#2748)
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented shortcuts and context menu options for commenting code out and uncommenting code respectively (#3274)
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented an option in user settings to reset settings to their defaults (#3275, #3682)
- OpenMW-CS: Implemented reloading data files (#3530)
- ess-Importer: Implemented converting projectiles (#2320)

Bug Fixes:
- Water visibility is now consistent across different setting configurations (#815)
- Autosaves are now created when waiting, to match vanilla behavior (#1452)
- Container Close button no longer loses key focus when an item is clicked (#1555)
- Guards no longer become aggressive towards creatures that are beyond their alarm radius (#2405)
- Players can no longer change their weapon or spell during attack or spellcasting, though weapons can still be sheathed (#2445)
- UI window pinning now persists between saves and boots (#2489, #2834)
- First person view now uses the correct body texture with the "Better Bodies" mod (#2594)
- Stat review menu now reads correctly from the player's stats (#2628)
- Player states are now correctly reset when a save is loaded (#2639)
- Rain and snow weather effects no longer move with the player (#2698)
- Implemented some missing creature swim animations (#2704)
- "Owned" crosshair now does not mark objects which can be activated without triggering a crime (#2789)
- Drag-and-drop is now ended if the item is removed (#3097)
- GetDetected can now be used without a reference (#3110)
- Fixed poor performance when resizing the dialog window (#3126)
- Fixed how ampersands in filenames are handled by the Launcher and Wizard (#3243)
- Improved water reflection rendering along shorelines (#3365)
- Improved AI usage of Dispel magic effect (#3341)
- Disposing of corpses no longer breaks related quests (#3528)
- Framerate limit is now enforced in videos and menus (#3531)
- Only one copy of a given sound effect may now be played at a time (#3647)
- Stationary NPCs resume returning to their position after a game is loaded if they had moved (#3656)
- Added a fade-out for music transitions (#3665)
- Spellcasting effects now disappear when resting (#3679)
- Filled soul gems no longer count against the number of empty soulgems a merchant restocks of the same type (#3684)
- Fixed magicka calculation during character generation (#3694)
- Guards will now try to arrest the player when attacked, instead of just fighting back (#3706)
- Death counts are now checked to be for valid actors before they are loaded (#3720)
- Malformed inequality operators are now handled as equality to match vanilla and give a warning (#3744)
- Yagrum Bagarn no longer twitches (#3749)
- DisableLevitation now removes Levitate visual spell effect indicators (#3766)
- Script commands now run if they were in voiced dialog scripting (#3787)
- Added enabled check to animation script commands (#3793)
- Default sound buffer size was increased (#3794)
- RemoveItem behavior adjusted (#3796)
- Godmode adjusted to match vanilla (#3798)
- Animations now loop correctly in the "Animated Morrowind" mod (#3804)
- Fixed enchantment point calculation to match vanilla (#3805)
- Missing book art now logs a warning instead of showing a pink rectangle (#3826)
- Fixed "Windows Glow" mod so window textures are not darker than they should be (#3833)
- Bodyparts with multiple NiTriShapes are now handled correctly (#3835)
- InventoryStore::purgeEffect() now removes all effects with argument ID (#3839)
- Fixed fatigue loss calculations when jumping (#3843)
- Underwater effects are now not applied to scripted "say" commands (#3850)
- Actors no longer try to speak underwater (#3851)
- Fixed a crash caused by an NPC being spawned by two routines at once (#3864)
- Fixed an exploit where constant effect enchantments could be made with any soul gem by switching the soul gem during enchanting (#3878)
- Fixed jail state not being cleared when a game is loaded (#3879)
- Journal no longer displays empty entries (#3891)
- An empty line is no longer displayed between a topic and the actual dialog text in the dialog window (#3892)
- PositionCell in dialog no longer closes the dialog window (#3898)
- "Could not find Data Files location" dialog no longer appears multiple times (#3906)
- Fixed a case where the user could get stuck when installing without a CD (#3908)
- Adjustments made to the Morrowind Content Language dropdown in the settings pane of the launcher (#3909)
- Scroll in launcher window can no longer be cut off by resizing the window (#3910)
- NC text key on nifs now works correctly (#3915)
- Menu click sound no longer plays for right clicks (#3919)
- Improved AI targetting algorithm to choose targets based on attack effectiveness (#3921)
- AI now avoids enemy hits while casting self-ranged spells (#3922)
- Copy/Paste now uses the correct command key on macOS (#3934)
- AI attack strength is now reset when starting a new attack (#3935)
- Changed spell priority calculation to match vanilla (#3937)
- UI sounds are no longer distorted under water (#3942)
- Fixed the game not pausing when minimized on Windows (#3943)
- Vendors now confiscate stolen items that the player tries to sell them back (#3944)
- Fixed some character preview rendering issues (#3955)
- EditEffectDialog close button now updates range button and area slider properly (#3956)
- Fixed some issues with body part rendering with mods (#3957)
- Clothing value is now unsigned, preventing some value overflow issues (#3960)
- Fatigue is now consumed if your encumbrance equals your maximum carry weight exactly (#3963)
- Journal sounds are now played when flipping pages and closing the journal (#3974)
- Fixed containers instantly closing when opened with a controller and the cursor over the close button (#3978)
- Fixed performance issue when casting spells, especially on new landmasses such as Tamriel Rebuilt (#3981)
- Corrected down and up sounds played when trading (#3982)
- NPCs taunted to aggression no longer continue dialog with the player (#3987)
- Journal can no longer be opened at the main menu (#3991)
- Fixed Dispel to only cancel spell effects (#3995)
- Fixed missing header inclusion breaking OpenBSD clang build (#4002)
- Inventory avatar now fits within display border (#4003)
- Manis Virmaulese now speaks to the player before attacking (#4004)
- AI spawn position is now reset if they are moved to another cell (#4010)
- Keypresses consumed by the UI are no longer processed again by the game (#4016)
- GetPCRunning and GetPCSneaking now check if the PC is actually moving (#4017)
- Music track shuffling is improved (#4024)
- Spells with copy/pasted names no longer sort to the top of the spell list (#4025)
- NPC archers now switch to another weapon to attack when they run out of arrows (#4033)
- Reloading a save game while falling no longer prevents fall damage (#4049)
- Draw animation is no longer played when a player equips a new weapon while already holding one (#4056)
- Disposition is now updated correctly when dialog is closed (#4076)
- Alchemy skill increases now take effect immediately after potion creation, instead of after the next batch is started (#4079)
- GetResist commands now work like in vanilla (#4093)
- Level-up messages for levels past 20 are now used (#4094)
- Fixed error in framelistener when taking all items from a corpse (#4095)
- Default 0 float precision is now used in float formatting (#4096)
- Cycling through weapons now only selects weapons that can be equipped (#4104)
- A scroll bar has been added to the birthsign effects list at character creation (#4105)
- Changed inventory sort order to be more consistent (#4112)
- Fixed unexpected "Resolution not supported in fullscreen" messages (#4113)
- Fixed pickpocketing behavior to match vanilla (#4131)
- Fixed a case where NPCs would not equip a second ring (#4155)
- NPCs now do not autoequip clothing of the same price (#4165)
- Multiple GUI and AI fixes and improvements
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed issues with using # characters in loaded configuration files (#3045)
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed camera position jumping when switching camera modes (#3709)
- OpenMW-CS: "Map Color" field in Cells table now works correctly (#3971)
- OpenMW-CS: Name is now reported correctly as OpenMW-CS on macOS (#4027)
- OpenMW-CS: New greetings now work in-game (#4037)
- OpenMW-CS: Merging of Land and Land Texture records fixed (#4074)
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed narrow left pane in Preferences window (#4107)"

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2016-04-16 22:36
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2 weeks 6 days ago

Greeting Tamriel Rebuilt!

Congratulation for your latest amazing release on behalf of all the OpenMW people. We did a release too, the version 0.44.0 of our OpenMW engine: we removed a ton of bugs, improved a bit the OpenMW-CS as well as various usability improvements. Have a look at the official release announcement below, and check out our release commentaries.

Best regards,

The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.44.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release brings a slew of new features and bug fixes, including a search bar for spells, a tab for advanced settings in the launcher, and multiple quicksaves.

Check out the release video and the OpenMW-CS release video by the perspicacious Atahualpa, and see below for the full list of changes.

Known Issues:

  • Shadows are not re-implemented yet
  • To use the Linux targz package binaries, Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
  • On macOS, OpenMW-CS is able to launch OpenMW only if and are siblings

New Features:

  • Spell search bar implemented
  • Launcher: Advanced settings tab added (#4054)
  • Implemented option for fast travel services to charge for every companion (#4064)
  • Added an option to have multiple quicksaves (#4174)
  • Added an option to rebalance soul gem values based only on soul value, not soul times gem value (#4423)
  • OpenMW-CS: Terrain Texture Brush button implemented (#3870)
  • OpenMW-CS: Edit functions for terrain texture editing mode implemented (#3872)
  • OpenMW-CS: New, and more complete, icon set added

Bug Fixes:

  • Daedra are now summoned when picking up cursed items through the inventory, OnActivate is now triggered even with the inventory menu open (#1428, #3726)
  • Similar glyphs are now used as fallbacks when unsupported glyphs are encountered (#1987)
  • Magic effects active when a save is loaded are now rendered (#2254)
  • Journal alphabetical indexing now works in Russian language versions (#2485)
  • Declaring OnPCHitMe in an actor’s script now prevents the actor from attacking, even in self-defense, if his Fight is equal to zero (#2703)
  • Content selector now places Morrowind.esm at the beginning of the mod list, if it is present (#2829)
  • Undefined weather settings now fallback to middle grey instead of pure black (#2841)
  • Mods are now found if the mod directory is a parent of the installation directory (#3557)
  • Flying and swimming creatures no longer use the pathgrid (#3587)
  • SetPos no longer skips weather transitions, fixing transitions in mods that use SetPos to travel the player, such as Boats Mod (#3603)
  • ESM files with capital-case extensions now load correctly with the launcher (#3618)
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs could get stuck inside terrain/objects when the player rests (#3638)
  • Combat music is now updated in menu mode (#3664)
  • Extraneous carriage returns are cut from dialog output (#3696)
  • Fixes for controllers on macOS (#3708)
  • SetPos can no longer place the target under terrain level (#3783)
  • Fixed an issue where casting Calm Humanoid on a guard the player is resisting arrest from caused a dialog loop when trying to resist again (#3863)
  • Enemies who are knocked out will no longer recover immediately (#3884)
  • Imported content files are now sorted according to their dependencies, instead of just modified time (this fixes Bethesda ESMs broken by the Steam version of Morrowind) (#3926)
  • Scripts now support period and hyphen characters in the script name, as long as it is not the first character (#4061)
  • Soul gems with trapped souls of creatures from mods that have been removed will now be empty instead of crashing the game (#4111)
  • Swim animation is no longer interrupted when attacking underwater (#4122)
  • An empty battle music folder now results in explore music being played in combat (#4134)
  • Added a vanilla absorb spell behavior option, which is enabled by default (#4135)
  • Added vanilla enchanted weaponry behavior option, which is enabled by default (#4136)
  • Centroid interpolation is now used for shader lighting, fixing some graphical artifacts when using antialiasing (#4143)
  • NPC base skeleton files are not longer optimized, fixes some body replacer mods (#4159)
  • To prevent animation flickering, the landing animation is no longer played when the player is turning as they are landing (#4177)
  • Fighting actors now face their target instead of the nearest actor (#4179)
  • Weapon switch sound is no longer played when no different weapon is present to switch to (#4180)
  • Guards can no longer initiate dialog with the player when the player is far above the guard (#4184)
  • The correct graphical effect is now applied to armor and clothes when changing them while chameleoned or invisible (#4190)
  • “Screenshot Saved” message has been removed (#4191)
  • Attack range for NPC archers and spellcasters now more accurately matches vanilla behavior (#4192)
  • Dialog topics are now always highlighted when first encountered (#4210)
  • Fixed an FPS drop after minimizing the game during rainy weather (#4211)
  • Thrown weapon projectiles now all rotate when in the air (#4216)
  • Spell casting chance now displays as zero if the player does not have enough magicka to cast it (#4223)
  • Fixed double activation button presses when using a gamepad (#4225)
  • The player’s current class and birthsign is now the default value in the class select and bithsign select menus, rather than the first item in the list (#4226)
  • Tribunal and Bloodmoon summoned creatures no longer automatically fight other followers (#4229)
  • Player movement from one directional key is now nullified if the opposite directional key is also pressed (#4233)
  • Wireframe mode no longer affects the map (#4235)
  • Fixed a crash when quick loading from the container screen (#4239)
  • Greetings are no longer added to the journal topic list (#4242)
  • Merchant NPCs no longer sell ingredients from containers that they own that have zero capacity, such as plants (#4245)
  • Armor condition is now taken into account when calculating armor rating (#4246)
  • Removed unintended jump cooldown (#4250)
  • Fixed console spam when OpenMW encounters a non-music file in the Music folder (#4252)
  • Magic effects from eaten ingredients now have the correct duration (#4261)
  • Arrow position is now correct in third person view during attacks for beast races (#4263)
  • Players in god mode are no longer affected by negative spell effects (#4264)
  • Missing ‘sAnd’ GMST no longer causes a crash (#4269)
  • Root node transformation is no longer incorrectly discarded, fixing characters in the mod The Black Mill (#4272)
  • The map is now updated with explored cells correctly, instead of only when the map window is opened (#4279)
  • MessageBoxes now appear over the chargen menu (#4298)
  • Optimizer no longer breaks LOD nodes (#4301)
  • PlaceAtMe now correctly inherits the scale of the calling object (#4308)
  • Resistance to magic now affects all resistable magic effects (#4309)
  • Opening doors is now restricted to bipedal actors (#4313)
  • Rainy weather no longer slows down the game when changing from indoors to outdoors (#4314)
  • Meshes with CollisionType=Node flag are no longer ignored (#4319)
  • Activate and Move keys are no longer used for GUI navigation if they are bound to mouse buttons (#4320)
  • NPC negative faction reaction modifier now works correctly (#4322)
  • Taking owned items is no longer considered a crime if the owner is dead (#4328)
  • Torch and shield equipping behavior now is more consistent with the original game (#4334)
  • Installation wizard now appends “/Data Files” if needed when autodetecting path (#4336)
  • “Interior” removed from cell not found message (#4343)
  • Inventory item count for very high numbers no longer shows incorrect values due to truncation (#4346)
  • Using AddSoulgem no longer fills all soul gems of the specified type (#4351)
  • A message is displayed if the spell a player tries to select via quickkey is missing (#4391)
  • Inventory filter is now reset to All when loading a game (#4392)
  • Terrain is now rendered for empty cells (#4405)
  • OpenMW now handles marker definitions correctly, fixing mod Arktwend (#4410)
  • iniimporter no longer ignores data paths (#4412)
  • Moving with zero strength no longer uses all of your fatigue (#4413)
  • Camera no longer flickers when opening and closing menu while sneaking (#4420)
  • Cursor now displays correctly when OpenMW is compiled against macOS 10.13 SDK (#4424)
  • Item health is no longer considered a signed integer, it can no longer be negative (#4435)
  • Adding items to currently disabled creatures will no longer crash the game (#4441)
  • Encumbrance value is now rounded up (#1786)
  • Werewolf health is now correctly calculated (#4142)
  • NiLookAtController node is now ignored, like in vanilla (#4407)
  • OpenMW-CS: “Original Creature” field renamed to “Parent Creature” (#2897)
  • OpenMW-CS: Unchecking “Auto Calc” flag when editing an NPC record no longer causes unreasonable values to be filled in (#3278)
  • OpenMW-CS: Fixed search and verification result tables to be case-insensitive when sorting (#3343)
  • OpenMW-CS: “Model” column renamed to “Model/Animation” (#2694)
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2015-09-28 20:13
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5 hours 45 min ago

Cheers, bugfixes are always good and necessary.

With 0.45 apparently halfway finished, I might just skip this one and install the next version. Any bad blockers yet?

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2016-04-16 22:36
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2 weeks 6 days ago

Hello Tamriel Rebuilt, hello Atrayonis,

well, your notion was reasonable - but you didn't consider the real-life factor (and RL always follows Murphy's Law). Over half a year later, I can finally announce the release of version 0.45.0 of our OpenMW engine. At least, it is a huge release. See below for the official release announcement and don't forget to check out the release commentaries on our YouTube channel.

Best regards,


The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.45.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release brings yet another horde of bug fixes and several new features, including support for per-group KF animation replacers, 360° screenshots, and the ability to brew a whole stack of a potion at once.

Check out the release video and the OpenMW-CS release video by the illustrious Atahualpa, and see below for the full list of changes.

Known Issues:
- Shadows are not yet re-implemented
- There's currently no way to redirect the logging output to the command prompt on Windows Release builds -- this will be resolved in version 0.46.0
- To use generic Linux binaries, Qt4 and libpng12 must be installed on your system
- On macOS, launching OpenMW from OpenMW-CS requires and to be siblings

New Features:
- Non-actor objects display visual effects during spellcasting (#1645)
- Creatures without any collision box use auto-generated ones (#2787)
- Launcher: File paths of selected content files can be copied via context menu (#2847)
- Actors play casting animations during scripted spellcasting (#3083)
- As an option, barter deals permanently modify merchant disposition (#3103)
- Ranged weapons deal critical hits to unaware opponents (#3703)
- 360° screenshots of various kinds can be made (#4222)
- 'ToggleBorders' debug instruction ("tb") available in console (#4256)
- Sound generator keys in activator animations are supported (#4285)
- On macOS, function key shortcuts can be used (#4324)
- Some of the debug settings previously available as command line arguments can be set up in the launcher (#4345)
- Support for per-group KF animation replacers has been added (#4444)
- Shader water is rougher during bad weather (#4488)
- The number of enchanted items in a stack is shown in the Spells window (#4509)
- The actual chance of hitting the target is used for AI weapon rating instead of just the skill (#4548)
- The real potential damage of a weapon is used for its rating (#4549, #4697)
- A bonus is applied to the rating of ranged weapons if the attacker is far enough from the target (#4550)
- As an option, the Strength attribute affects Fatigue and Health damage in hand-to-hand combat (#4579)
- The logging system has been heavily reworked (#4581)
- AI no longer uses magic effects that affect hit chance if the enemy has not taken the appropriate stance (#4624)
- AI uses the root mean square of melee-weapon damage for more precise weapon rating (#4625)
- AI accounts for weapon speed when rating a weapon (#4626)
- Various vanilla GMSTs regarding combat action rating are utilised (#4632)
- 'sTo' GMST ("to") replaces hyphen in the Spellmaking menu (#4636)
- New count field in the Alchemy window allows you to brew multiple potions at the same time (#4642)
- To improve performance, actors outside of the AI processing range are no longer rendered but faded out (#4647)
- AI processing range can be configured via an in-game slider and a configuration option (#4647)
- If the animated creature model lacks a collision box, the non-animated model's collision box is used as a fallback (#4682)
- Tooltips of thrown weapons show the actual in-game damage (twice the base-record damage) the projectiles have (#4697)

New Editor Features:
- All top-bar dropdown menu options and most context menu options have icons (#912, #4506)
- Actors are rendered in Scene view (#1221)
- Verifier functionality covers Enchantment records (#1617)
- Added a check box to execute a case-sensitive global search (#2606)
- Shift + C is default shortcut for viewing cells (#2845)
- Shift + V is default shortcut for previewing records (#2845)
- Global search has a status bar (#3276)
- Frame rate in Preview window can be limited (#3641)
- Log files are created in case of a crash (#4012)
- Previously sorted-by-ID lists, such as magic-effect lists, are now alphabetically sorted (#4404)
- As an option, base records are ignored in verifier runs (#4466)
- Already existing marker models for light sources and creature levelled lists are now used (#4512)

Bug Fixes:
- All actors (not only those in active cells) restore Health and Magicka during player character rest (#1875)
- Precise times of sunrise and sunset are now recovered from the imported Morrowind INI file (#1990)
- Actors now properly aim during scripted spellcasting (#2131)
- Skills and attributes that affect trading no longer cause low selling prices if they're too high (#2222)
- Landing sound behaviour for NPCs and the player character has been reworked (#2256)
- Scripted movement of an object now adjusts the position of actors standing on top of that object (#2274)
- The last equipped item of a certain type is automatically re-equipped once a bound-item spell of the same type expires (#2326)
- Restore effects can restore drained stats (#2446)
- Attacks from unarmed, non-bipedal creatures no longer degrade armour (#2455)
- For the time being, actors are no longer allowed to activate teleport doors so that their abrupt cell change doesn't cause a crash (#2562)
- Using 'Resurrect' instruction on a dead player character fully resumes the game (#2626)
- References to non-existent classes or factions no longer crash the game (#2772)
- Weapons are visually unequipped before the start of a spellcasting stance transition (#2835, #4327)
- The player character now gets a bounty when a player follower commits a murder (#2852)
- To prevent issues on macOS, SDL is only initialised for the Graphics tab of the launcher when Qt5 is used (#2862, #3911)
- Explicit reference calls no longer break [Tab] autocompletion in the console (#2872)
- Naked expressions starting with a member operator are no longer allowed outside of the console (#2971)
- The handling of Drain and Fortify effects for health, magicka, and fatigue has been reworked to match vanilla behaviour (#3049, #4231)
- Enemies are no longer immune to ranged attacks at very close range (#3059)
- Adding an item with a self-equipment script to an actor no longer causes a freeze (#3072)
- Actors who are placed above the ground are now snapped down at a significantly larger distance when a cell is loaded, preventing them from falling to their death (#3219)
- TrueType fonts are now properly rescaled (#3288)
- Targets are now much easier to hit with on-touch spells (#3374)
- The handling of scripted and death animations has been reworked to significantly improve mod compatibility (#3486, #4286, #4291, #4307)
- 'GetSpellEffects' scripting function can now detect zero-duration effects (#3533)
- Enemies are much easier to hit with low-reach weapons, since the intended start position of the attack raycast is now replicated (#3591)
- Scripted sleeping interruptions no longer prevent the spawning of random sleep encounters (#3629)
- Calling 'AddSoulGem' and 'RemoveSpell' scripting instructions with an extra argument no longer breaks script compilation (#3762)
- 'GetPCInJail' scripting function has been reworked to more closely match vanilla behaviour (#3788)
- Previous placeholder implementation of 'GetPCTraveling' scripting function has been replaced with a proper solution (#3788)
- Message boxes can now have newline characters in the text argument (#3836)
- Alignment of terrain texture painting has been corrected to match the vanilla look (#3876)
- Attenuation of magic light sources is now properly calculated (#3890)
- 'Goodbye' scripting function in dialogue results now makes any additional choices act like 'Goodbye' (#3897)
- 'RemoveSpellEffects' scripting instruction now also removes permanent effects (#3920)
- Movement prediction for spell aiming now uses the correct GMST to calculate the magic projectile's speed (#3948)
- Animated collision shapes are no longer erroneously optimised (#3950)
- The terrain texture blending map is now upscaled to more closely match the vanilla look (#3993)
- Issues with actors not returning to their initial position in various situations have been fixed (#3997, #4251, #4393)
- AI packages with a non-unique target no longer choose a random target with the same ID (#4036)
- On macOS, version numbers are now properly displayed in the application properties (#4047)
- Text after the last end-of-line tag is no longer shown in books to match vanilla behaviour (#4215)
- 'FixMe' script instruction has been reworked to more closely match vanilla behaviour (#4217)
- Jumping on slopes is now less restrictive, preventing the player character from getting stuck in V-shaped terrain (#4221)
- Pathgrid nodes which lie between an actor and that actor's destination are now ignored (#4230)
- Actors with an AiTravel package now stop near their target position if that position is blocked by another actor (#4230)
- [Activate] key can no longer be held down to spam Persuasion and other kinds of repeatable actions (#4260)
- Turning animations no longer reset idle animations (#4271)
- Death animations from pre-0.43.0 savegames are now forward-compatible (#4274)
- 'CenterOnCell' script instruction ("coc") now teleports the player character to the accurate door marker or exterior position for interior and exterior cells respectively (#4292)
- Faction members are now aware of faction ownership during barter (#4293)
- AiWander packages which are placed before an AiFollow package in the AI package list no longer override vital functionality of that AiFollow package (#4304)
- Key focus in containers is now automatically (re)set to the [Close] button to prevent players from accidentally stealing items (#4333)
- Spellcasting stance transitions no longer interrupt movement animations (#4358)
- OK button in the Settings window has key focus by default (#4368)
- It's no longer possible to cast an Absorb spell on oneself (#4378)
- Non-audio files no longer crash the game when the engine tries to play them (#4416)
- When there is a 'NiStringExtraData' node with MRK value in a NIF model node, only 'NiTriShape' meshes starting with "Tri EditorMarker" are ignored instead of the whole node (#4419)
- 'RotateWorld' scripting instruction now rotates objects around the correct axis, while keeping the objects' initial rotation (#4426)
- Some issues with building OpenMW on Windows and macOS were fixed (#4429, #4613)
- Applying the console command "Lock 0" to a door or a container now creates an unbreakable lock, like in vanilla Morrowind (#4431)
- Actors without any AI packages now properly return to their initial position after combat or pursuit (#4432)
- Guards with AiAlarm = 0 no longer attempt to arrest the player character when they observe a crime but no one reports it (#4433)
- 'Begin' and 'End' script keywords can now be followed by a comma (#4451)
- The default terrain texture no longer shines through terrain texture blending transitions (#4452)
- Broken items are now ignored when trying to equip an item via quick key (#4453)
- Actors now open doors more quickly (#4454)
- Light sources which cannot be carried no longer prevent the AI from auto-equipping shields (#4457)
- The handling of idle chances in AiWander packages has been reworked to more closely match vanilla behaviour (#4458)
- 'NotCell' dialogue condition now supports partial name matches (#4459)
- Scripted equipment now bypasses most standard equipping restrictions, e.g., those for beast races (#4460)
- When a non-player object casts an Open spell, a player crime event is triggered if the player character is detected to ensure vanilla compatibility (#4461)
- General-number formatting ("%g") now works like in vanilla Morrowind and properly handles the fractional part (#4463)
- Cancelled AI packages are now removed from the package cache (#4464)
- Non-ASCII strings are now properly handled in the content selector and in the ESM reader (#4467, #4653)
- Silt striders in abot's "Silt Striders" mod are no longer rotated by 90 degrees (#4469)
- The behaviour of weapon-using non-bipedal creatures has been reworked to make them less helpless in certain situations (#4470)
- Actors who are vampires now display their regular record head when no vampire head is found (#4474)
- Scripted animations no longer move actors away from their initial position (#4475)
- Potential crashes in the quick-keys menu when an item is no longer available in the inventory no longer occur (#4480)
- 'Goodbye' dialogue scripting instruction now disables hyperlinks in dialogue topics (#4489)
- 'PositionCell' scripting instruction no longer tries to add local scripts to scripted items in the teleported player character's inventory twice (#4490)
- Training cap is now limited by the trainer's modified skill instead of their base skill (#4494)
- Crossbow reloading animations now only apply to the upper body (#4495)
- Crossbows now use animations for one-handed weapons as a fallback (#4495)
- Animations for turning in spellcasting stance are now used (#4496)
- Animated meshes without slashes in their full path are now properly classified as animations (#4497)
- Scripted spellcasting no longer increases the Alteration skill (#4503)
- A potential zero division in the Fatigue calculation has been removed (#4510)
- A knocked-down player character can no longer move or be moved in first-person view (#4519)
- Some issues with sun specularity in the water shader have been fixed (#4527)
- Movement animations without idle-animation fallback no longer trigger idle animations (#4531)
- The game now switches between distorted (underwater) and undistorted sound effects based on the camera position instead of the player character's head position (#4532)
- The inventory paper doll is now affected by GUI scaling (#4539)
- Items with an 'OnActivate' command present in their script (such as "cursed" items) no longer visually disappear when they are picked up in menu mode (#4543)
- Creatures no longer incorrectly flee from werewolves (#4545)
- Minimum and maximum sound ranges with zero value are now separately reset to their default ranges (#4551)
- Non-actor objects can no longer have a dialogue window opened via script (#4553)
- Dialogue topics with reserved names, e.g., "Barter" or "Repair", now behave the same as in vanilla Morrowind (#4557)
- Optimiser search for reserved node names is now case-insensitive (#4558)
- Pinned windows are now properly updated (#4560)
- Fast-travel logic now always depends on the type of the service NPC's cell instead of the destination cell type (#4563)
- The underwater viewing distance limit is no longer broken (#4565)
- The player character no longer uses headtracking in first-person view (#4573, temporary workaround for another issue)
- The handling of player character turning animations has been improved (#4574)
- Several weapon animation inconsistencies during movement in first-person view have been fixed (#4575)
- Idle animations are no longer reset in certain situations where they should be continuous (#4576)
- If an innocent actor dies from the continuing effects of a player attack, the murder is now also reported if the player has already paid their fine (#4582)
- Attack strength is now 0 if the player spams the [Attack] button (#4591)
- The incorrect inequality operator "<>" is now interpreted as less-than operator "<" to ensure compatibility with certain mods (#4597)
- Picking a stack of gold up in menu mode now grabs the whole item stack (#4604)
- Scaling for animated collision shapes is no longer erroneously applied twice (#4607)
- Fall damage is no longer erroneously applied twice (#4608)
- The pseudo duration of instant magic effects has been adjusted in the spellmaking menu to match vanilla spell cost calculations (#4611)
- A zero division occurring in 'NiFlipController' nodes without textures has been removed (#4614)
- The flickering frequency of light sources and some light-related calculations have been fixed (#4615)
- The sneaking offset in first-person view is now also applied when switching to sneak mode in midair (#4617)
- Sneaking is no longer possible while flying (#4618)
- Recharging enchanted items now always increases the Enchant skill regardless of success or failure, like in vanilla Morrowind (#4622)
- NPC record entries Reputation, Disposition and Faction Rank are now loaded as unsigned variables (#4628)
- Sneaking stance no longer affects speed if the actor is not actually sneaking (#4633)
- 'GetPCJumping' scripting function has been reworked to match vanilla behaviour (#4641)
- "%Name" string replacer can now be used in creature dialogue (#4644)
- Force-equipping a weapon now resets ongoing attack animations (#4646)
- HUD no longer displays an "item condition" for throwing weapons (#4648)
- Levelling up no longer fully restores health but rather applies the gained health points (#4649)
- Actors no longer fall from cliffs or run into obstacles when backing down from attackers (#4656)
- Enabling collision with 'ToggleCollision' scripting instruction ("tcl") now snaps the player character down to the ground (#4669)
- The number of known ingredient and potion effects is now determined by the modified rather than the base Alchemy skill (#4671)
- Pitch factor handling for crossbow animations has been streamlined to more closely match vanilla behaviour (#4672)
- Journal can no longer be opened while the Settings window is open (#4674)
- NPC fast-travel destination records without any data no longer crash the game upon loading (#4677)
- Declared but empty script variable lists no longer crash the game upon loading (#4678)
- The chance of a successful spell absorption is now multiplicative rather than additive, which is how the magic effect is designed in vanilla Morrowind (#4684)
- Calling 'Say' scripting instruction with non-existent sound as argument no longer breaks script compilation (#4685)
- Creatures that lack unique sounds now make use of fallback sound generator records (#4689)
- Loading bars no longer obscure message boxes but are instead moved to the centre of the screen (#4691)

Editor Bug Fixes:
- 'Revert' action now properly updates subviews (#3249)
- A native colour picker is now used on all operating systems, fixing major issues on macOS (#3681)
- 'Undo' and 'Redo' actions now keep assigned shortcuts (#4110)
- Lock status of newly opened subviews is now correctly initialised (#4520)
- Instance dragging, which was broken in 0.44.0, has been fixed (#4593)
- Skeletons of animated objects are now properly initialised (#4654)
- The Colour entry in Light Source records is now displayed as a coloured box instead of an integer number (#4668)

- Windows builds in 'Release' mode no longer automatically open a command prompt window (#2490)
- Race condition in terrain code has been fixed (#4584)
- Skinning and AI optimisations (#4605, #4621)
- Support for Rapture3D OpenAL driver has been added (#4606)
- Record verifying functionality in OpenMW-CS has been revised (#4643)

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2019-05-07 14:15
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1 year 2 months ago

It's been well over a decade since I first played Morrowind, and when I found it available here on Steam - and on sale, nonetheless - I was thrilled. However, no matter how many solutions I researched and implemented (and there were many), I could never get the game to play without constant CTDs.

And then I tried OpenMW[], simply because it claimed to be a stable replacement of the outdated Bethesda MW engine. And although it is - to date - incomplete, and is not without its flaws, I've found it to be a satisfactory engine on which to play my favorite Elder Scrolls game.

Chris |

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2019-05-22 04:45
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1 year 1 month ago

Great to hear about the new version, I'll be checking it out!
Dillon -

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2016-04-16 22:36
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2 weeks 6 days ago

Hello Tamriel Rebuilt,

we're proud to announce the release of version 0.46.0 of our OpenMW engine! This release comes with a plethora of bug fixes, mod compatibility improvements, new features, and next-gen mod support. Check out our release video which also covers quite a few locations from Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel and visit our homepage for the official release announcement.

Best regards,