Dialogue for NPCs in Ashamul cave is strange

The dialogue of the NPCs located in the Ashamul cave (southeast of Tel Ouada) is very weird and inconsistent with the rest of the game. The main issues I saw were uses of modern English and some broken English, and just overall the writing is a bit weird.

Here are some examples:

Traven Nothren (tr_m1_traven_nothren)

Thalin Thimalvel (tr_m1_thalin_thimalvel)

Minor Kaushaspi Egg Mine Bugs

(Coordinates are for a rock inside the cell Kaushaspi Egg Mine, Queen's Lair)

Aside from the Kwama which are themselves bugs there are a few smll issues with Kaushaspi Egg Mine.

First, there is a small spot where the player cannot proceed without jumping, as if there is a blocking object in the red circle.

Odimasadra has weak loot

Odimasadra has weak loot for the monsters you fight. In total you fight 2 frost atronachs, 2 daedroth, and a storm atronach, all in a tight space with the final battle being both daedroth and a frost atronach all at once. In terms of loot, all you get besides a single exclusive potion is 2 very common books, a weak healing amulet, a single piece of gold, and a redware bowl. Compare to any other daedra filled location, like a ruin, and you usually get better stuff.

Temis Lorthus race spontaneously changes on quest stage progression.

Located in Helnim's Red Drake Inn. 

Upon informing Goras Varel about his location, waiting then returning to the inn, I found Temis dead as an imperial, he was a dunmer when he was alive though. NPCs referred to him as an imperial too so I think him being a dunmer was a mistake? 


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