TR_Mainland.esm    ex_velothi_loaddoor_01    Almas Thirr, Plaza    3906    5101    11451    "check door mesh position"

TR_Mainland.esm    T_De_SetVeloth_X_LighthouseT_01    Almas Thirr (6,-28)    56600    -222453    1477    "fixposition"

note: there are more T_De_SetVeloth_X_LighthouseT_01 static positions wrong, use the right clik/info in the construction set and check all the references

[EDIT] more position problems

"Stendarr Tower Haunting" quest - journal entry issues

1. I've started the quest with entry index 15. This gives me a very abrupt start of the quest, because then the journal don't say much about the quest (and Stendarr Tower itself isn't mentioned in that entry). The reason why I didn't get the initial entry (index 10), was because I talked to Votus Tilonian about Tarhiel, but didn't finish the Tarhiel quest.

1. The initial journal entry (index: 10), looks like this:

Votus Titonian told me about a ghost that is currently haunting Stendarr Tower. I've agreed to try to exorcise it.

Boethiah's Walking Stick floating below the floor in Oran Manor servant's quarters

There's a copy of Boethiah's Walking Stick, a unique item from vanilla, floating under the floor in the cell Oran Plantation, Oran Manor: Servant's Quarters. It's close enough to the interior space that it's visible on the minimap with Thief's Moral Compass equipped.

Minor suggestions for Old Ebonheart "Tamriel Rebuilt" quest

  1. Docelle Bien's greeting doesn't change after finishing the quest. They decide they don't need the tiles anymore, but in a greeting she still mentions "desperate need for mosaic tiles".
  2. The topic associated with the quest, mosaic tiles, is not mentioned in any of the journal entries.

"Resigned to fate" first journal entry could be written better

Currently the first entry in "Resigned to fate" quest looks like this:

Harald Swift-Oak at the Imperial Census Office told me about one of his clerks going mad and venturing into the sewers on the east side of town. I have been tasked with returning an important scroll he had with him when he left.

Missing info:

  • The Census Office is in Ebon Tower
  • The dialog option associated with the quest: "best clerk"
  • The town in question is Old Ebonheart

The improved entry would look more like this:


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