Massulahibernanit Daedric Ruins Boring

These ruins are boring. The entrance is blocked off like Anudnabia in Vvardenfell leading the player on a search to find the chasm entrance. This builds up to something hidden and cool when the ruin is almost completely empty of loot and only has Winged Twilights and a load of corpses. There should be something here to reward the player as this felt super underwhelming.

Imperial Cult: Theft of Brass

While playing through the quest "Imperial Cult: Theft of Brass" I ran into what appears to be an oversight. I retrieved the stolen wooden tokens from Cyrtus Glagno's house, and brought them to Felmo Ilveroth, which caused the quest to become marked as complete. Later, I found the stolen brass tokens, which Felmo had also wanted, but there is no option to give them to him.

Llevari Uvelar needs additional support near cell border

The spot she moves in
PositionCell, 81966, -158649, 1736, 0, "Aanthirin Region"

has her stand on a cliff from cell 9,-20
and she probably needs an invisible wall underneath centered in cell 10,-20
so she doesn't fall under when she ends up in 10,-20 and player is approaching from certain cells where she gets loaded before 9,-20 gets loaded,

it could also be worth removing the idle animation chances from her script in AiWander 333 50 40 10 0 0 0 0 0

Can't start Ranyon-ruhn's temple quest line as the Patriarch

So when I talk to Ratagos about duties he says "What can I do for you, Patriarch?"

From my understanding it should have been this response instead:
"It is a privilege to receive the %PCRank of Vvardenfell. Should you wish to personally take charge of our duties, we need to deliver a message to Port Telvannis. Or perhaps you would prefer to learn about our pilgrimages on the mainland?"

As a workaround I edited the "duties" dialog and placed the latter response above the former so it would get triggered.


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