Crash/Unable to find dialog topics outside of OpenMW

Hello, everyone. I recently switched from playing OpenMW to regular, managing mods trhough WryeMash or MO2; and every time, MGE XE is unable to find files in distant land generation, and I get warnings at startup about not being able to find necessary dialog topic data. Furthermore, it crashes at startup.

I've gone back and forth, and this isn't a problem with OpenMW (I register the 3 bsas on both ini and cfg and start new games).  If this is on my end, I understand and will close the ticket, but I can't find how it would be as of now.

Briricca Account variable overflow

When you try to deposit gold at the Briricca Bank, if you've got ~40k gold, it'll tell you that you don't have enough to deposit it, and if it's the first time when you are opening the account, it'll take the fee from you and then fail to open the account repeatedly.

I think this is probably a result of an overflow of a "short" integer probably, since it seems to happen right in the range where that overflow would occur.

The BC scum in the OE Sewers can prevent players from looting bodies

The OE sewers use terrain_bc_scum_01 to simulate a layer of muck at the bottom of the water, visually speaking this works well enough (assuming the player isn't using some fucky texture replacer) but it does cause a slight gameplay issue.
The problem here is that the player can't loot any bodies or pick up any items that drop below the scum layer, which happens quite easily in areas where there is a lot of room between the scum and the actual floor like in "Old Ebonheart, Sewers: Central"

Replace all door_load_darkness00 with T_Glb_BlackDoor_0*

The vanilla "Dark Hole" door types ( door_load_darkness00 ) lack collision. This tends not to be a problem, as they're typically placed in small places that players can't path through. TR though uses this vanilla mesh in several places where the opening surrounding the dark plane is wide enough to pass through, allowing the player to walk into the void behind the spaces. Raathim Ancestral Tomb, Lichgate is one notable example, but I'm sure there are other places, too. Ideally we replace this mesh with our own which has collision, or we slap collision boxes behind the worst offenders.


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