Dialogue for NPCs in Ashamul cave is strange

The dialogue of the NPCs located in the Ashamul cave (southeast of Tel Ouada) is very weird and inconsistent with the rest of the game. The main issues I saw were uses of modern English and some broken English, and just overall the writing is a bit weird.

Here are some examples:

Traven Nothren (tr_m1_traven_nothren)

Thalin Thimalvel (tr_m1_thalin_thimalvel)

Minor Kaushaspi Egg Mine Bugs

(Coordinates are for a rock inside the cell Kaushaspi Egg Mine, Queen's Lair)

Aside from the Kwama which are themselves bugs there are a few smll issues with Kaushaspi Egg Mine.

First, there is a small spot where the player cannot proceed without jumping, as if there is a blocking object in the red circle.


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