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Morrowind (Steam)



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Few things I noticed it would be nice to have/change while I was playing Aanthirin release lately:

1. Consider adding a higher level merchant to Almas Thirr. It was rather annoying for my pro-Dunmer Temple character to go to OE every time to sell his loot ;) Almas Thirr, being a big hub, should have at least one decent merchant.
2. Intended route to enter Roa Dyr is too inconvenient, while I understand the narrative reasons (I think even Ilvi talks about his chapel not built for the convenience of outlanders), gameplay-wise getting there the *proper* way is a pain in the ass (as you have to circle around the whole chapel). Many quests take you there, so eventually you will have to either swim/levitate/waterwalk to save time. Maybe add a small bridge/ferry (see map)? done
3. Monastery of St. Veloth banner looks like a tavern one. Maybe replace it with something with Temple symbol? done
4. Aanthirin could have some more creatures, not sure if it was because of my grass mod (maybe they hid there, huh), but there were some places where there were no creatures in sight. Felt empty (east/south east of Almas Thirr especially).
5. Maybe I was spoiled by low-level Temple quests, but Speaker's questline characters (Uvo Brin, for example) could have some more dialogue related to their profession. For example - I looked in CS, only Vaden Baro has a response for "Speakers for the Dead" topic. Maybe also some recognition from other Temple characters?
6. This one is very minor, but I felt that there were way too many urns in Atran Oran's manor. ;) They are placed in every corner, guy seems obsessed.



Gnomey's thoughts on 2. (he

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Gnomey's thoughts on 2. (he made Roa Dyr):
"I'm thinking (as part of my later dialogue additions to Roa Dyr) of adding a fisherman or two on the waterside across from Roa Dyr. They would, either for 1 Septim given the short distance or for free if handled via dialogue, agree to quickly drop the player off on Roa Dyr. The fishers already on Roa Dyr would offer to send the player back. That way the lore-based inaccessibility is maintained while giving players a more immersive short-cut if they need to go to Roa Dyr often."

100% agree about the

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100% agree about the creatures. I know Aanthirin is the middle of the mainland and is tame. But it can get boring as hell with nothing to interact with.