TR Modder's Guide

Intro to Modding

Welcome, new and returning members! This is the Tamriel Rebuilt Modder's Guide, which contains our guidelines, resources, and tutorials for how to make content for Tamriel Rebuilt. Tamriel Rebuilt is looking for help and contributions from people of all kinds and all skill levels. We need help with writing, art, asset creation, construction set work, project administration, and more; for a complete guide, check out our Introduction to Modding page below. If you’re feeling ready to help, be sure to read check below for our guidelines and tutorials.

Happy modding!

Introduction to Modding


Modding Guidelines

Tamriel Rebuilt has certain standards that our content has to adhere to. These guidelines should be read by any modder who is interested submitting content to be included in the mod in the following categories: designing, writing, and implementing quests and dialogue, scripting, creating concept art, models, animations and textures, and working in the Construction Set on interior and exterior cells.


Tutorials & Resources

Tamriel Rebuilt has, over the years, compiled a variety of tutorials for working in the construction set and out of it. Some of these are internal tutorials, and others are external resources.