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2019-08-18 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

Birds in the hour of Meniscate

SHOTN has cut up the vorndgad_birds.wav and vorndgad_birds2.wav files into 11 smaller clips for randomization (and to stop the clips from playing after entering interiors). The script that plays the old .wavs is named "T_ScSound_Birds".  The activator with that script is "T_Glb_Sound_Birdsinging_01". These wavs are only played in SHOTN.  

2017 12 10 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Cutting Indoril-Thirr in half: did it work and what is there to do now?
  • Dec/Jan assets - what do?
  • Given our issues with Old Ebonheart and quests crossing section files, I'd like us to re-evaluate the section file boundaries for Andothren, as I foresee the same difficulties of it being a major quest hub and being right on the border of Roth Roryn, and how to handle any breadcrumbs or questlines going down into that region.
  • Almas-Thirr fact finding: any news?
  • Tentative merging / bugtesting phase before March release?

2017 07 02 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Tamriel_Data, Handling
  • Nav Andaram, concept needed
  • Region template meetings for Ascadian Bluffs
  • Handbook needs butter by the fish
  • External updates: Nexus (Rot did things, but Tamriel_Data needs images)


Meeting Summary

Assets and Credits

We discussed the possibility of using Beyond Skyrim assets

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