2015 06 13 Meeting Summary


This meeting (Saturday, June 13, 2015) was relatively unfocused and mainly revolved around organizational stuff. If people like I can provide a more complete summary, (though half the summary would just be posting the chat log, as the second half of the meeting was all typing no talking anyway), but I think the following are the important points:

We shortly discussed House Hlaalu, as an extension of Yeti's Skype Meeting summary above. The only real headway we made beyond summarizing the summary:
-as discussed, Gnostic Officers are to some degree acquainted with the Hlaalu secret or at least elements of the internal workings of the Hlaalu Council Company, allowing them to take informed and independent action for the sake of the company as opposed to Bonded Agents who, while directly serving the company, are kept in the dark as to its intentions.
The same does not necessarily apply for House Peers, however, who are one rank above Gnostic Officers. On one hand, members of influential Hlaalu families are probably born into the rank of House Peer, and as such can 'skip' initiation as Gnostic Officers. On the other, 'Gnostic Officer' is probably not a necessary rank for a member of House Hlaalu to reach to rise up in the House, but instead is only necessary for those members the Hlaalu Council Company wishes to initiate into (some of) its secrets.
This allows House Hlaalu to promote members it doesn't necessarily trust with its secrets -- such as outlanders -- to high positions, without completely opening up to those members. Yngling Half-Troll and Nolus Atrius are probably not trusted with Hlaalu Council Company secrets, for example.

On House Dres:
-Dres faith is naturally something we still need to explore. We seem to be in general agreement that it shouldn't be too similar to Ashlander faith, whatever that is. Their relative acceptance of the Tribunal is naturally an example; one suggestion was that House Dres recognize the Tribunal as champions of their respective Daedra, as opposed to being false gods (as the Ashlanders believe) or supplanting them (as most other House Dunmer believe). Perhaps similar to how in Islam Jesus is recognized as a prophet without being the son of god/god incarnate.

On the Temple:
-we shortly discussed the problems of the Temple, and how many of its problems are caused by outside forces (such as House Indoril trying to act through the Temple) as opposed to internal forces. (Corrupt and self-interested Temple higher-ups, for instance). Certainly the lack of direction the Temple faces with the Tribunal withdrawing from the public eye should be explored.

Other things that were discussed were the handling of promotions, (not too much said aside from that we could perhaps promote a little more freely, but we've made most of the important stuff visible to all members anyway and there isn't too much lead -- and certainly senior -- developers can do that other developers can't); how obfuscated some of the tools that are available to admins are; whether we're too picky with item placement, which mostly retread ground already tread by this thread and others before it; our hopes and plans for automated item-rotation, for example with OpenCS; the fact that Skype is silly; what to do with the Old Ebonheart East Merge (as I wrote there I'll pick it up and apply the few fixes it requires, then it will be linked with the Indoril-Thirr file); updating the readme link here, (now that I look this link is also in dire need of updating); and here and there we discussed Cleaning Up the Forums, though the only real progress that has been made for the time being is finally deleting the now-emptied Internal Discussion sub-forum, may it rest in piece.