Thirr Valley

2021-03-07 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

Dominions of Dust

  • What's left, where would more eyes help?

Other Release Things

  • Make Design Claims for TV_07 and TV_08
  • Preparing the TV section for NPCing
  • Sorting out which cites have which guild halls
  • Where should the low/mid/high level quests go?
  • Marakh-Bazhul geography

Tamriel Data

  • Discussing cross-province armor and weapon stats


  • Work to be done on the unified wiki for PT and TR
  • Handbook structural revis

2018-09-23 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

Mainland Edits

Various Topics

  • Dres concept art, finalizing those so the modelers can start
  • 4 pages of assets that are pending review; call for volunteers and clarification of reviewing
  • The in-design Roth Roryn interiors need a description so they can be opened for claiming - There are also 20-40 exteri

2018-08-26 Meeting Summary

Meeting Summary

What assets that we currently have should get used?


  • Temple Dome (Container) - T_Mw_Flora_TempleDom01(-02)
  • Weeping Veil (Container) - T_Mw_FloraTV_Weepveil01(-04)
  • Giant Elowan (Static) - T_Mw_Flora_ThornElowan
  • Orange Lilypad (Static) - T_Mw_FloraAT_LilypadOrange_01(-03), T_Mw_FloraAT_LilypadOrangeFl_01
  • Ovary Tree (Static) - T_Mw_FloraOW_OvaryTree_01, T_Mw_FloraOW_OvarySprout_01
  • Mangrove Mushroom (Static, DIY) - T_Mw_FloraTV_ManShroom_01(-07), T_Mw_FloraTV_ManShroomBranch_01(-5), T_Mw_FloraTV_M
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