Skipping Barilzar's Mazed Band quest

I'm not certain if this is a TR bug but I guess so, as no other mods (except some of my hand-made minor fixes for vanilla Morrowind) are installed on my Morrowind. When I see Almalexia (I mean the goddess, since I haven't TR_Preview.esm enabled) for the first time, there's a topic "task", which I guess didn't exist in vanilla game until dealing with fabricants on Plaza, so there was no checking for quest status (I guess it was assumed that no check was required since the topic opened only after attack).

Ascadian Bluffs Region, around (-2, -15): three little bugs

7/16/2017 (21:03)    TR_Preview.esp    12/1/2016 (19:00)    skraeling    Terrain_rocks_GL_03    Ascadian Bluffs Region (-1,-16)    -3475    -128931    2012    "float, and many around here"    
7/16/2017 (21:03)    TR_Preview.esp    12/1/2016 (19:00)    skraeling    flora_tree_gl_02    Ascadian Bluffs Region (-1,-16)    -2998    -131033    2451    "float, and many around here"    
7/16/2017 (21:09)    TR_Preview.esp    12/1/2016 (19:00)    skraeling    ex_de_docks_center    Ascadian Bluffs Region (-3,-14)    -24550    -106612    32    "no wai to get out of water"    

Unlinked cave door in Mainland (24, 5)

There's an unlinked door to an underwater cave in Mainland at cell (24, 5). As of October 2012, this was a known issue (http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/old_forum/viewtopic.php?p=308436#308436) but was the interior ever located or a new claim made? I can't find anything about it in the calc sheet, does anyone know what's up with this one?

Password required?

When i try to unzip the tamriel data files, the download will pause halfway through asking for a password. I have tried to unzip the files from the nexus and from this website, both times using the hd resolution. So, i really dont know whats going on? Can you help, please? I read on the nexus some other guy had the same trouble while using the vanilla resolution, so i doubt its the hd thats the problem.

Gone to Ground Journal Mistake

I helped Straron escape from Tel Mothriva during the quest "Gone to Ground" by providing him with a Divine Intervention Scroll. I went to the Ordinators outside the gate and had the choise to lie to them or tel them the truth. I told them the truth and they said they wanted to kill me but wouldn't  because they didn't want to damage house relations. But in the journal it said I had lied to them and they didn't suspect I had helped Straron.

Not a big prolem but something to fix if you have time.


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