16.09 [September 29, 2016]

General Notes:

  • -This is the first release using Tamriel_Data. Tamriel Rebuilt no longer contains asset files, please download Tamriel_Data version 01 or later and follow the install instructions.
  • -Various asset updates have been incorporated into Tamriel_Data, notably uv map fixes on vases and other contains, additional books, and texture work.

Main Playable Release (TR_Mainland.esm):

  • Major Region overhaul:
    • The Boethian Mountains have been renamed to Boethiah's Spine and Lake Boethiah has been merged into it.
    • The Mephalain Mountains have been renamed to Mephalan Vales and Mephala's Valley has been merged into it.
    • The Padomaic Ocean has been split from the Sea of Ghosts, the Telvanni Isles region has been extended north and east to act as a divider between the ocean regions.
    • The Inlet Bog has been renamed to Sundered Scar.
    • The Nedothril Coast has been renamed to Nedothril.
    • The Inner Sea region has been removed.
    • In general, region cell assignment has been smoothed out.
  • City name overhaul:
    • Ayemar has been renamed Ammar.
    • Darnim has been renamed Ildrim.
    • The unnamed Ashlander camp north of Meralag and Dreynim has been named Sennahanib Camp.
  • Various bug fixes.

Preview (TR_Preview.esp):

  • Final heightmap overhaul of the southern regions. The west has been expanded to meet with Province: Cyrodiil's western border and the south has been aligned with a projected Black Marsh border.
  • Major Region overhaul:
    • The region alternatively called Thirr River Valley, Middle Thirr Valley, or Lower Thirr Valley has been renamed to Aanthirin ("around the Thir(r)") and has extended to the mouth of the Thirr.
    • The Clambering Moor has been split off the Velothi Mountains, containg the hilly landscape south of the Grey Meadows, reducing the Velothi Mountains to the actual mountain range.
    • The Askkaedh Coast has been renamed to Ascadians Bluffs, and its borders changed and smoothed out.
    • The Northern Velothi Mountains have been renamed to Uld Vraech, and the Julan-Shar region, the green region around Cormar and Baan Malur, has been split off.
    • Thirr Valley, Othreleth Woods, Shipal-Shin, Deshaan Plains, Mudflats, Salt Marsh, and Arnesian Jungle have been added as new regions to the southern heightmap.
  • City name overhaul:
    • Shadowmoth Legion Fort has been renamed to Shadowgate Pass.
    • Seyda Vano (the future Indoril player stronghold) has been renamed to Id Vano.
    • Silgrad Pass has been renamed to Rift Pass.
    • Armun Camp in the Armun Ashlands has been reanmed to Ishanuran Camp.
    • The nameless Ashlander camps have been named Inubbisa, Obainat Camp, and Kushimmu Camp.
    • Septim's Gate Pass, Lutemoth Pass are deprecated.
  • Big overhaul of Andothren.
  • Added some misc. dialogue, especially rumors dealing with the Vvardenfell blight.

Travel Plugin (TR_Travels.esp):

  • Added Silt Strider Route Andothren->Menaan->Arvud, to extend southwards beyond the Armun Ashlands in the future.
  • Wolverine Hall has been removed as seperate ship travel location and traffic been rerouted to Marog and Sadrith Mora, respectively.