2017 01 22 Meeting Summary



The handbook needs updating in several places:

  • The main page needs a facelift, which Kaziem is going to do.
  • The about page needs to have a purpose in life, and then a facelift.
  • The individual documents (regions, factions) need to be filled with information. This is where the information collection from the old forum comes into play: this info needs to be summarized and rewritten as faction/region pages. We have several already which would serve as template.
  • As the least important thing, the individual subpages of modder handbook and planning docs could use some more purpose in life but are adequate for the moment.

Knocker’s Neck Pass

  • The Imperial tower at Knocker's Neck is a Reman-era ruin, likely dating from Reman III’s invasion of Morrowind. It uses the T_ImpDngRuinSky set.
  • As for the function of the tower, it has always stood by itself, serving more the role as a sentinel tower, a checkpoint, and perhaps housing a small garrison, than really blocking the pass.
  • When the Reman Empire built the tower, it was as a lookout. The actual war with Morrowind had already moved on deeper into the province and they were probably more concerned with stragglers or guerillas.

We still don’t know if it should be Velothi or Redoran (which would set its faction allegiance, Buoyant Armigers with a Redoran garrison or Redoran with a Buoyant Armiger garrison).

It could look set into the rock, so that its exterior encloses the canon like a ribcage:

The actual inside could run deeper into the ground, to make up for lack of exterior space, maybe alluding to a cockroach hive, writhing under the surface.


The Firewatch questline

  • The questline should be open to all for mission 1-2, the later missions would require legion membership. The legion will simply block all outsider contact from that point on.
  • The animal definitely is a Guar, we need to seed misc dialogue which discusses the isolation of the Firewatch garrison (mostly fresh recruits from out of province while the more experienced soldiers got shipped home, or similar).
  • Ending the questline should have clear repercussions. The player first of all gets “advised” to go to a different fort immediately, might get mugged in the streets, and half of the traders and trainers of the Firewatch legion refuse service. Depending on how the questline is resolved, this should be one half of the legion or the other.
  • It is unclear how and if to involve the Duchess, who has been characterised as being proactive. Contacting her instead of someone outside the Firewatch legion should count as having contacted someone who gets the corrupt officer replaced.
  • Possible future quest hook: the situation escalates and the player involvement will see them facing a forceful discharge.

Foul murder

"The priestess" has been identified:

Alvu Sareleth

  • The questline starts after the main quest, the player being Nerevarine should open doors that a normal person will never unlock.
  • Former Quest 2 starts the questline - the player is directed to Alvu Sareleth or the (doubting priest?) priests (by Dissidents, or by general rumors as the priest was known to be zealous before the main quest).
  • Quest 2 (former quest 1) then has the player track down the Ordinators in Mourning who massacred the Ashlanders. Background: The Ashlander camp in question was conducting raids in the Sacred Lands, getting ever more zealous now that the Nerevarine had returned. The Ordinators in Mourning were ordered by Alvu Sareleth to intercede and return with two ringlets. Despite orders from Vivec to stand down with the persecution of heretics, when faced with the zealous Ashlanders, the situation escalated and they killed them all, thus angering the Ancestors. Faced with the wrath of the Ancestors and the guilt over having disobeyed Vivec, they holed up in Drakehold, an imperial ruin west of Necrom, and the player has to get them to return to Necrom.

And then the discussion went wildly away. The whole trials, the involved Daedra and motivations were questioned, the setup of the plotline and motivation of Alvu Sareleth are a point of discussion. A bone-smith should be involved somewhere, to forge the wraithmail pieces together. This should be discussed further.


  • The ancestral tomb needs to be accessed with a family member or priest, otherwise access will be denied.
  • Other than that, it just needs locations chosen, else is good to go.