2017 06 04 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • More Ebon Tower NPCs.
  • Nav Andaram, concept needed
  • Region template meetings for Ascadian Bluffs
  • Handbook needs butter by the fish
  • External updates: Wiki, Nexus (Tamriel_Data needs images)
  • Roles/Responsibilities

Meeting Summary

Imperial Government

  • The Dunmer nobility consists of the Dukes of Morrowind’s six districts and King (who is also a Duke), along with their families of course.

  • Unlike the situation in Cyrodiil, Morrowind’s nobility are structurally merged with Morrowind’s bureaucrats/’curia’. While the nobles are by design generally Dunmer, however, as part of a failed attempt to westernize Morrowind, the bureaucrats are mostly Imperials/outlanders.

  • Old Ebonheart is part of the Vvardenfell District and is ruled by Duke Vedam Dren, who moved his seat to Castle Ebonheart on Vvardenfell itself once it was established.

  • Revised district border

  • The Lord General leads the legion, the Duke of Deshaan is staying in Ebon Tower. Several ministers reside in OE as well, they report to the Proconsul in Narsis.

Old Ebonheart

  • whenever someone (eg. Gnomey) is free and the file unclaimed, some small farm patches can be plopped down outside of Old Ebonheart, so that Old Ebonheart isn’t wholly reliant on imports and fishing. This is uncertain, though, due to performance

  • the Harbor Offices building at the docks should probably be shared between the coastguard (one, preferably the bigger, office) and the Census & Excise (the other office). The offices would be responsible for Old Ebonheart affairs. (Basically this would involve editing the existing NPCs and adding some dialogue, and this is assuming there are no prior plans for them).

  • The headquarters of the coastguard and C&E are located in the Ebon Tower complex.

  • The coastguard tower could be topped with a lighthouse to monitor/guide ships in the surrounding waters.

  • The interiors corresponding to #4, #14, #19 and #20 are still missing interior claims:

  • #4 is a resettlement office for Imperial settlers; it would contain a reception room, some offices, and temporary housing for newcomers to Morrowind before they’re shipped off to some godforsaken corner of the province.

  • #19, #20 and #14 would be Ebon Tower’s garrison, but due to a haunting in #20 by an Indoril ghost most of the garrison sleeps elsewhere in the Ebon Tower complex. #14 might contain an armoury, #19 a mess hall, common room and bunks, #20 a storage vault for Ebonheart’s citizens for times of emergency, bunks and the guard captains quarters, from bottom to top.

  • Hammerfell Embassy Head: Typical Ragu badass. Doesn’t exactly like being the ambassador, but admits it is a necessary job; would rather take to the road as an adventurer. Might express interest in PC and his profession. (Silly quest idea that came up: ambassador and PC switch places for a limited amount of times; PC gets bored/irritated stiff).

  • Valenwood Embassy Head: Creepy Wood elf, but not in the normal Fargoth sense. Conversation should leave the player with the strange feeling that the wood elf would like to eat him.