2016 02 13 Meeting Summary


House Redoran


Redoran conflict with Hlaalu would be low-key, though it might form the first part of the Redoran questline as a red-herring to the actual conflict, and there’s naturally the Vvardenfell dispute.

Main Redoran conflict probably with Nail-Knock Reavers of Dunkreath.

Haafingar expansionism would not be put in the spotlight, but hinted at; NKR might receive weapons, funding and mercenaries from


Baan Malur Arena:

-primary purpose is duelling, generally between higher-ranked Redoran or different clans or the sort

-sermons and Temple plays may also be held there

-outlanders and Velothi (and probably some Redoran as well) might spectate for entertainment.




Major Documents:

[State] Empire

[State] Tribunal Temple

[State] House Dres

[State] House Hlaalu

[State] House Indoril

[State] House Redoran

[State] House Telvanni

[State] Ashlanders - these have already been discussed in a Skype meeting. They’re generally the least important and can be discussed last, or last before House Telvanni.

[Group] Velothi - with general note on how House Dunmer interact with the Velothi, a section on Tongs many of which would have Velothi membership and a section on Temple Priesthood, which (at least for lower positions) largely consists of Velothi


Minor Documents:

[State] Nail-Knock Reavers - this is a local faction and as such less important

[State] Taj Eel Xa’nith - this is a local faction and as such less important

[State] Kwoomriders - possible local Shipal-shin group; should only require a very short document

[Group] Outlanders - various races, (don’t forget outlander Dunmer), probably Colovian/Nibenese split

[Group] Outlaws - daedra worshipers, possible Orcish and Nordic outlaws of the Velothi Mountains