2016 10 08 Meeting Summary


2016 10 08 Proposed Agenda

Discussion on RyanS’s “Moving Forward” proposal

Public Relations

--Reaching out through various online social media handles

--Updating UESP page

Claims Browser

--making claims browser more accessible (what needs to be more accessible?)

--new claims. In particular: Quests, Interiors

--reviewing the backlog of claims --added by Kevaar

Region Meetings

--when to hold these

--what needs to be discussed during these (including modder restrictions/guidelines)

--implementing discussions into claims

--pick our first region to discuss? --added by Kevaar




Region Planning

We will have an overview meeting first (October 22, details in the agenda for that meeting). Then we will go through each of the exteriored preview regions with their own meetings. Details on that are in the Individual Region Meeting Template.


Individual interior short template


Location within region:



Type of interior:

Tileset of interior, notes on assets to use/avoid:


Who lives/uses this interior:

Short “personality” blurb:



We will handle one region per two months. That means, out of the roughly 8 meetings in that time, 3 will be devoted to finishing planning of a given region.


Expanding on the above:

-the first meeting will be about General Planning for the region, the goal of which is to establish a general overview of the region to be fleshed out and realized at a later date.

-the second meeting, generally held on the following week, will discuss Implementation, with a focus towards preparing batches of Interior Claims to release over the following period.

-the third meeting will be about Writing for the region, with a focus on Quests, and will take the form of a more casual brainstorming session to help move ongoing quest development on the website along.

As the three meetings should probably not all take place consecutively, the third meeting will probably not directly follow the second.


Releasing Claims:

We will, after finishing our second meeting on a given region, prepare however many claims there are. We will release the claims in batches of 10 or so, timing them so that when the old claims seem to have been taken care of we provide new ones. If we have less than 10 claims, we’ll still split it into two batches.