2016 04 16 Meeting Summary


Meeting of Saturday April 16 2016

Discussion Leader: Gnomey   

Proposed topics to discuss

Deshaan Plains worldspace and maps.




’Argon Swamp’ region

  •  shallow water-> player can’t pick up items that fall into it.
  •  possible workarounds: water not as shallow, denser tussocks (floating glass) etc. where water is shallow, OpenMW
  •  tussocks of grass floating on the water; collisions would slope down at edges to allow players to ‘climb’ on

 Southern border

  • no land cut-off for the Argon Swamp, but the vegetation will abruptly stop at the border, so a ‘jungle wall’ is probably still required.
  • most of the wall would be thick vegetation perhaps supported with inviso walls. These would be pierced by some waterways which might be blocked by vines. (Any Argonia project would just make those vines choppable or something)
  • as with mountain borders, levitation will not be restricted. There should be clear visual cues indicating that the jungle wall is supposed to be the border, and if people choose to ignore that that’s on them.

’Argon Swamp’ name

  • Arnesian Jungle? Arnesia is implied to be a settlement rather than a region in the 3rd PGE, so maybe not? Thorn Jungle is a term used on UESP - needs further investigation.


  • this was discussed for a while but Gnomey failed to explain his issues with it, and so was tasked with making a heightmap.