2016 10 15 Meeting Summary


2016 10 15 Proposed Agenda

The main thing on this meeting’s agenda is discussing the Quest Expansion Pack for TR_Mainland.


*How/where to post quest ideas and what they need before being turned into claims

*Quest ideas, including:

--breadcrumbs leading from Vvardenfell

--Hortator and Ashlander Nerevarine quests?

--main quest for TR?


Kevaar’s proposal:

--2-4 Breadcrumb quests leading specifically into the new areas, like Thirr or Old Ebonheart. Two coming down from Telvannis, two from Vvardenfell, say.

--1 Mini quest series (5-ish quests) to do with the Imperial Archaelogical society. So much love was put into that building and NPCs, but I don’t think it ever had any quests added. This can also serve as a bread crumb, with Caldera Mages Guild sending the player over to help their colleagues in the I.A.S.

--1 Mini quest series (3-ish quests) for the Imperial Legion in the Watch of Fire (not sure why the auto-correct keeps complaining about that town name). The Watch-of-Fire has some of the weaker writing, and a small Imperial Legion presence. It would be a good place to expand on the idea of the Legions being pulled out of the province and the chaos this may cause among the outlanders living there.

--If we go the route of having a main quest, I think this would be best fleshed out in the Sacred Lands and Necrom area, so I’d be leaving them alone this go around.

--Finally, possibly some miscellaneous quests scattered about if anyone coming to the meeting has any particularly good ideas.




Misc Discussion

-Discord could use a link under the ‘Community’ tab rather than just being nestled in Meetings & IRC where new people will likely miss it.


Quest Pack

As a broad theme, the quest pack will focus on the Imperial perspective, rather than that of the Dunmer, though not all quests need to strictly follow that theme. It will serve to set the general scene of Imperial presence in Morrowind.

Three factions might receive minor questlines in the quest pack:

  • East Empire Trading Company

  • Imperial Archaeological Society

  • Imperial Legion


The quest pack will also feature misc quests. Miscellaneous quests are to be posted in the Asset Browser for review.


Our discussion focused on the Imperial Legion:

-The IL questline for the quest pack will mostly focus on the internal affairs of the Firewatch garrison.

-The PC will have the role of investigator, knowingly or unknowingly, looking into various forms of bad behaviour - or assumed bad behaviour - going on.

-Among the bad behaviour would be drugs, lawlessness, threat of mutiny, desertion, the worship of iffy cults, infighting and loitering.

-The questline would explore characters of different ranks and their unique difficulties and vices, from the rowdy, unruly lower ranks to the intrigues, idleness and indulgence of the higher ranks.

-The questline could be character focused, its plot carried and serving to establish a set of fleshed-out characters.

-The questline could be used to establish an IL character who will play a major role in future content.

-In general the questline would be self-contained but would create hooks and, of course, characters for future content to pick up on.