2016 08 06 Meeting Summary


Meeting Notes for Saturday August 6 6:00 PM GMT meeting on Discord


Proposed Agenda


Points of Interest


Deshaan Plains/ House Dres discussion points:

  • What do the Dres eat?

  • What goods to the Dres trade among themselves and to outsiders?

  • Do the Dres mine salt, and does anyone else mine salt? Is this salt a tradeable/valuable commodity?

General Project discussion:

  • How to make the dashboard more visible

  • Beginning to collect material for 1609 release...

    • Region + city renaming, region border updating [Suggested by Atrayonis]

    • Update/check old texture resizing [suggested by Kaziem, is her job]

    • Fix as many easy bugs in the tracker as possible, mark done [suggested by Kaziem]

    • Switching over to the new data structure, as worsas has finalized it (he might be willing to take care of our files altogether for a while) [suggested by Atrayonis]

    • The Aanthirin visual revamp (pending further testing about saturation levels)

    • New assets (flora, sounds) – merge post haste? [suggested by Atrayonis]

  • Reviewers applications/showcase – what to do with it?

  • Reference cells for the new data structure so that modders aren’t creating style mixing sins of an entire new magnitude

  • Organisationial backlog [Kevaar suggested this: http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/comment/2593#comment-2593]

  • Morroblivion things: http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/conversion-tamriel-rebuilt-1603-mor...





The Asset Browser was intended as a more streamlined way to discuss assets more streamlined than forum topic. As such, the artworks should be added.



  • Food

  • The Dres eat a lot of saltrice, mixed in with various insect products.

  • In general, they don’t rely on import products, most of what they eat is produced locally. As most plants in the Deshaan can’t be eaten, their food tends to be monocultural.

  • Some foreign food products might end up in Dres hands as an outcome of general bargaining, but the Dres make a point of never appearing to rely on such imports, and as they’re the province’s breadbasket their backed up pretty well in that regard.

  • Rumors that they eat slave babies are just that, rumors.

  • Dres living in the Clansteads would eat more saltrice, Dres bug-herds would eat more animal products, coastal Dres would eat more plant stuff in general and seafood, kelp.

  • The Dres can make a special kind of Skyrender product, Skyrender honey, a liquid substance that is made from combining Skyrender silk and their corrosive spit, salts are added afterwards, liquefying this substance with the salt. The reaction from combining the Skyrenders product with the salt creates a bitter, and an, indistinguishable, sweet taste.

  • Internal and External trade

  • Dres import some food, but see it more as a surplus; they do not value foreign products, but they don’t toss them aside either, especially if they come from other Dunmer. They tend to say that they don’t rely on these goods, instead seeing them as extras obtained from the bargain, nothing important.

  • Salt mining, exporting and kinds of salts

  • The Dres mine salt, but there are different graduations of salt of/with different qualities, most salts that would be exported are Dres table salts, more popular in Morrowind, than salts traded from the Empire.

  • There could also be aromatic, toxic or hallucinogenic salts that would be used for meditative purposes, or for poisoning.

  • Clothing

  • Clothing that would not be imported consists out of silks, made from silk coming out of a Skyrender gland, perhaps leaves of the local saltstrap plant for very stiff, sturdy clothing, and bug products used as a stiffening glue (think Epoxy Glue).



Mephaliad-> Mephalan Vales went through,

Alt Orethan-> Yad Orethan was deemed too minor a change to be worthwhile.



  • The unified data structure should be in it.

  • If possible, the region and city revamp as well.

  • Maybe the Aanthirin style revamp.